Lab welcomes new rotation student Shengyan Jin.

Shengyan (Tiffani) is a first-year Ph.D student in the BQBS track of Yale BBS program. She was born in Shanghai, China and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences at Fudan University in China. In her undergraduate research, she studied protein complexes in DNA damage through structural biology and biochemical approaches. During her exchange  as an undergraduate intern at UCSF, she studied the mechanisms of H3K4 demethylase KDM5A regulation through phase separation using in vivo cell imaging. She identified that a certain truncation of KDM5A causes hollow puncta, and RNA is involved in this phase separation. In her graduate career, Shengyan is interested in studying chromatin organization and DNA modification using high resolution cell imaging techniques. In her leisure time, she enjoys jogging and playing badminton. She is good at cooking and plans to learn guitar playing. Welcome to the lab, Tiffani!