Wang lab welcomes new rotation student Tyler Jensen.

Tyler is a second-year MD/PhD student interested in entering the Genetics Department. He earned his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Northeastern University in 2017. During his undergraduate studies, Tyler interned at Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals working on tetracycline antibiotic development, and Epizyme Inc., working on developing small molecule epigenetic inhibitors for molecularly defined cancers. In addition to his internships, Tyler worked in a lab at Northeastern studying axolotls, working to understand the nervous system’s role in tissue regeneration. Tyler hopes to study chromatin biology during brain development and neurogenesis, gaining understanding to help propel him into a career studying mammalian neural regeneration and repair. He hopes that by understanding chromatin topology during neural development using the Wang lab’s techniques, we can better understand how genomic heterogeneity develops in the brain, and how we can one day recapitulate brain development after injury or disease. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns for his medical school classmates, cooking new foods, and teaching others about science. Welcome, Tyler!