Wang Lab welcomes new rotation students Mengwei (Carol) Hu and Jonathan Radda.

We welcome Ms. Mengwei (Carol) Hu and Mr. Jonathan Radda to join our lab for their second lab rotation in the 2018-2019 academic year!

Carol is a first-year BBS graduate student of the MCGD track. She conducted her undergraduate research in Dr. Alan Jian Zhu’s lab at Peking University, using Drosophila as a model organism to identify new regulatory components of Hedgehog signaling. With a broad research interest from developmental biology to immunology, she seeks to examine the genome architecture of neutrophil during its development and immune response with our high-resolution imaging-based techniques, in collaboration with Dr. Jun Lu’s lab. Outside of lab, Carol is a fan of sports, including running, swimming and yoga. She enjoys music of various genres, from modern musicals to classical music.


Jonathan is also a first-year student in the BBS program and of the MCGD track. He earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Southern Oregon University. During his undergraduate summers, he studied Drosophila egg chamber basement membrane dynamics at The University of Chicago, and zebrafish heart development at the University of California, Los Angeles. He also studied atmospheric chemistry at Portland State University and worked as an industrial intern at Carestream Health, supporting thin film production. Jonathan asks: How does biological information support robust development of functional organisms and at the same time remain flexible enough to allow evolution? He is excited to learn the imaging-based omics techniques in the Wang Lab and to deploy them towards answering this question. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys and creates music. He is also a poet and aspiring writer of (philosophical) fiction.