Wang Lab welcomes Yanfang Lu, the first postgraduate research associate of the lab.

Wang Lab welcomes Mr. Yanfang Lu, the first postgraduate research associate and visiting graduate student of the lab. In his undergraduate study, Yanfang majored in Pharmaceutical Preparations at Henan University, China. Then he studied at Southern Medical University, China in a master’s degree program, majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. During that time, his main research direction was to explore the mechanism of radioresistance of C. elegans using genetic approaches such as CRISPR/Cas9. He then went on to pursue a PhD at the same university, and his current visit to Yale is part of his PhD training. He is interested in using a combination of high-throughput sequencing and imaging approaches to study developmental processes.¬†Yanfang is an adventurer at heart and likes to challenge himself, both inside and outside of lab. In his spare time, he plays pool and computer games.¬†Yanfang has in fact been working part-time in the lab as a collaborator since December, 2017. We are glad to officially host Yanfang in the new academic year starting today. Welcome, Yanfang!