We’re pleased to announce the release of our student application and the corresponding teacher recommendation form for this upcoming summer. It will be due Friday, March 19, and admissions decisions will be released at the beginning of April. Read our letter to parents and guardians below; we’re so excited to continue building community with you virtually.


The Ulysses S. Grant Foundation is an academic enrichment program for talented and motivated middle school students from New Haven. Since 1953, U.S. Grant has drawn on the experience and enthusiasm of Yale undergraduates to challenge students and build a powerful community that fosters a love of learning. The program is designed for bright students who might have limited opportunities and resources to participate in academic enrichment activities.

Summer 2021 is Virtual

Once again the US Grant program will provide virtual programming due to the continued challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the structure and format is different, the opportunity to connect with other peers to learn, create and play is the same as always! Yale undergraduates teach small classes of 10-15 students and coordinate larger group events. Classes are designed to build community among a diverse student participants as well as engage students in fun, interdisciplinary projects. Applicants must be entering grades 6-9 and enrolled in public or parochial New Haven schools. 

Key Information

When:    July 6, 2021 – August 6, 2021. 

Monday- Thursday 9:30-12:30

Where:   Virtual (on Zoom)

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all days of the summer program and only students who can commit to the entire summer should apply.


This summer, we’ve waived the typical program cost of $75; Grant 2021 will be completely free for all accepted students. 

Who We Look For

U.S. Grant seeks motivated students who love to learn. This is not a day camp or a remedial program. U.S. Grant is only for serious creative thinkers who like to try new things and work hard.

Application Process 

This year, the application is fully online. Grades will not be part of the application for the 2021 year. The application includes 3 primary pieces:

  1. Personal Information & Student Writing (see below for a preview)
  2. Parent/Guardian Waivers for signature
  3. Recommendation Form(s) 
  • One rec from a teacher/counselor who has worked with the student this year.
  • A second (optional) recommendation can be submitted from an adult who knows the student well (who is not a parent or guardian).

What will I be asked to write about?

In addition to some short one-line responses, students are asked the following “long” answer questions. Responses must be at least four sentences long. Here’s a list so you know what to expect. 

We highly recommend drafting your answers to these questions in a separate Google Document, since the form cannot be saved while it is in progress.

  1. Why are you interested in Grant? (or, if  you’ve already attended, what was a memorably experience from a prior year?)
  2. We know that school has been different this year. Thinking about yourself as a student in general, what are your grades usually like? Why do you think you earn these grades?
  3. School had  to change a lot this year because of the pandemic. What did you enjoy about school this past year? What were the challenges?
  4. What is a question that’s really interesting to you? How have you tried to learn about this question or topic on your own?
  5. What’s something you’ve made, written, played or created that you are proud of? Describe that thing and how you created it.


Applications must be submitted by March 19, 2021. Students admitted for the summer program will be notified in early April.

Still interested? Go to this link to access the Summer 2021 application. Access our recommendation form here