Joyce Links

James Joyce has a real web presence, and there are some useful sites for those reading Ulysses for the first (or the fiftieth) time. Here are some of the highlights:

Annotated Historic Map of Dublin
1900 map of Dublin showing locations mentioned in Ulysses.
To view the map in a web browser you will need the ArcGIS Flex Viewer that can be downloaded for free at:

Stuart Gilbert’s Schema
Joyce gave Gilbert this grid outlining the underlying organization of Ulysses. The usefulness of the schemata has been disputed by critics – some think it is in fact a good description of how Ulysses works at a structural level, while others see it as simply another instance of Joyce pulling the reader’s leg. Regardless, it can be helpful in making this complex, sprawling novel more manageable.

Notes on Ulysses
This site, maintained by Joyce scholar Michael Groden, gives detailed notes on each episode of Ulysses. For each chapter, Groden provides time and location, Homeric parallels, key motifs, and other features.

Bibliography of Books on Joyce
This bibliography, edited and organized by the International James Joyce Foundation, is exhaustive and easily navigable. Almost any secondary source you could need will be found here.

Ulysses concordance
Imperial College London’s Concord Project is an online library of concordances, using texts publicly available from online repositories such as Project Gutenberg. In addition to Ulysses, the site also has concordances for Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.