About Me

Kissinger Center Postdoctoral Fellow, Johns Hopkins SAIS

Ph. D., Yale University

I am a political scientist specializing in international security. My research agenda focuses on the ways in which nuclear weapons affect international politics and the implications of those effects for U.S. foreign policy. For example, my book project, The Logic of Escalation and the Benefits of Conventional Power Preponderance, examines the effects of  nuclear weapons mean on the value of conventional military superiority. Do they render conventional superiority irrelevant? In that project, I argue that nuclear states benefit from having several conventional options for escalation, and this benefit is larger in disputes over peripheral interests, of which great powers tend to have many. I have presented or will present my work at the American Political Science Association, International Studies Association, Midwest Political Science Association, the IS-ISSS Conference, and the Yale International Security Studies Colloquium.

Yale University, Political Science

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