yaleeventThe Turkish Society of Yale Graduate Students and Scholars (TYGS) was founded on October 21, 2011. The main reason to establish TYGS is to foster a sense of community among Turkish graduates and post-graduates studying at Yale University.

yale event2Our objectives are to represent the current Yale graduate and post-graduate Turkish students at Yale University, establish the bridge between Turkish undergraduates and graduate students/scholars, strengthen the connections with Yale Alumni Turkey, and furthermore, reach out into the larger Yale community. To achieve these goals, we organize activities such as social gatherings, open forums and cultural events that would provide an opportunity for people to learn about Turkish culture, heritage and language. 

“Ey yükselen yeni nesil, gelecek sizindir. Cumhuriyeti biz kurduk; onu yükseltecek ve sürdürecek sizsiniz.”

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