Young adventurers drawn more and more to remote lifestyle


Planet Earth is a big, wide, open space, and all its beauty tends to bring out the adventurer in us all (in one way or another). There is a certain charm in travel that is unparalleled, and it is precisely that charm that is so difficult to pull away from, even when the world is demanding that we put more into our work. It is a fact of life that nothing in this world is free, and because of that notion, working is a necessary element to maintaining lifestyles the world over. For decades, people have worked hard to afford a vacation from work, having to sacrifice one for the other and never getting to have the best of both worlds. Until now. There is a new dawn in the worlds of travel and work, and it is causing the positive collision of two worlds that, until recently, were difficult to imagine coming together. It is a solution that allows people to work while travelling, and vice versa. Rather than having to always be see-sawing between the two, sacrificing one for the other, this revolutionary solution changes everything. That solution comes in the form of the remote work revolution.

Remote work is a notion that was once a niche. There were very few professions that allowed individuals to work and travel at the same time, leading to the inevitable balancing act that we all grew accustomed to, wherein there was a need to work to afford to travel, and travel to have a break from work. Despite being somewhat toxic, it is a notion that frankly was so widespread that we seldom thought on it any deeper than finding it vaguely frustrating to deal with. Now, however, remote work is more than a niche; in fact, the remote career is a force that continues to rise in the professional and travel landscapes with such velocity that it is near unstoppable, and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon. Remote travel is being met with such a positive global response that it is near impossible to think of a time where this was not such a norm.

Alas, there was a time where travel and work were polar opposites, bouncing off one another in turn. Now, thanks to the ongoing surge of the digital era and all that comes with it – including, of course, the internet – people can have the best of both worlds, if that is what they want. Remote work essentially places career development and personal growth and exploration in the palm of the hand of the traveller, and their personal evolution is entirely up to them, on all fronts. Their career only works as well as they do, but they also end up working harder because they are happier. In getting to work from anywhere in the world, individuals are realising the potential in living the literal dream – and they are hooked. All one needs to acquire this lifestyle, realistically, is a skill, a reliable device, a valid passport, and a stable (and preferably fast) internet connection. The rest is up to them.

It is an unprecedented reality for travellers the world over, and it is encouraging and inspiring people from all over the world to throw caution to the wind and chase their wildest dreams – no matter where in the world those dreams happen to take them. Whether you want to lay in the sand or hike through the jungle, you can literally have it all through the remote workplace. This is a relatively fresh iteration of career evolution, in that individuals take to the world…and take their work with them. This is the new norm for the workforce the world over, and the world of travel, and it is creating a renewed sense of adoration and admiration for the concept of having it all, and working to maintain it. As the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easily, and this is a motion that those in the remote workforce, travelling through life, know better than anyone. Dreams will not work unless you do.

The nature of work/life balance has always been something of a sore point for millions of people around the world. We want a flourishing career we excel in, but we also want to experience and see for ourselves all that the world has to offer. It has always been a difficult, if not impossible, line to walk. Until now, that is. The rise of the latest revolutionary movement in collaborating work and travel together has brought with it a steadily exceeding influx of individuals who want tit all, now. The remote workforce gives people the chance to build their careers from the ground up while simultaneously travelling the world, and it is a niche that has since gone on to catch and spread like wildfire. Never has there been a workplace that encouraged the widespread – even complete – encouragement of a workplace that is remote. This is the new norm, and it is a norm that the world is embracing wholeheartedly and without reservation. In short, it is the sea change the world has been asking for, for so long.

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