Why Switzerland should be your next destination


Travelling has been known to make people more productive. Whether that productivity comes from being inspired after seeing the world in all its beauty, or the drive to be able to immerse oneself in more of the world than ever before. The happier we are, the more productive we are (in most cases), so it is little wonder that travelling is highly regarded as one of the most beneficial things that a person can do for themselves. One of the most commonly referred to destinations when it comes to natural beauty is Switzerland. With villages set into the sides of mountains so green it doesn’t seem real, and alps so monumental and pristine that they seem like something out of a dream, Switzerland encompasses everything that it means to be a natural wonder. Earning its right as one of the world’s most stunning destinations, and home to some of the most wondrous views and environments known to mankind, Switzerland should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. Home to both the anticipated and the unexpected, this destination should be on the very top of your must-do travel destinations.

Switzerland draws in travellers from around the world. whether you are from London and have to make a Switzerland visa appointment in London, or planning to soar across the sea from Australia to experience the stunning natural vista, odds are you know someone or know of someone that has been to Switzerland before you. Switzerland is a coveted stamp on one’s passport for millions of people, and when you see photographs or footage from the destination, it is not at all difficult to understand why. In 2017, Switzerland was voted as the best country in the world, according to a Worldwide Survey.

Travelling through Switzerland does not need to be an expensive trip. I will be honest, I do not think anyone should go to Switzerland with the preconceived notion that they can do it on the same rickety budget that they did Southeast Asia on. You just can’t. but you can experience Switzerland in all its beauty on a budget. If you plan (at least a little bit) and make alterations for some aspects of the journey, you will be pleasantly surprised. You do not need hire vehicles or spend a scary amount on your accommodation. Instead, consider an economic travel pass and stay in an Airbnb instead. Rather than going on expensive tours, get a map and take yourself on a tour through the country.

It is best to see the Swiss Alps in the Summer. Hiking the Swiss Alps is one of the most immersive, rewarding ways to see the area. While the towering alps are stunning to see from a distance, there is something indescribable about hiking the alps themselves and seeing the surrounding beauty from new heights. The air on the alps is so fresh, so crisp, that you wonder if you have ever breathed in more clean air in your life. Looking around you and down on the glittering emerald tree tops and lime green grasslands, the waterfalls cascading cold, fresh water down the alps into the villages will leave you in awe. For the absolute dare devils, even hiking the alps does not carry them high enough. For some, the only way to truly see the Swiss Alps is from the sky. Literally.

One of the activities in Switzerland that is entirely worth the price is skydiving the Swiss Alps. If the crisp air of hiking the alps is not enough for you, the rush of spiralling down through the fresh air to a view as stunning and unique as the Swiss Alps will shock your senses like nothing else and ground you on an entirely new level. The alps are breathtaking (literally) from the ground, but there is nothing in the world like seeing their vast expanse and snow-capped peaks from the sky. You can enjoy the birds eye view from the plane before you throw yourself out of it in and literally immerse yourself in the kaleidoscopic wonderland. If you only do one thing when you are in Switzerland, let it be this. A thousand times this. It is not a cheap activity, but I promise you that there is nothing in the world quite like it.

Of all of Europe’s incredible destinations, Switzerland is perhaps the most naturally stunning. From the charming little villages and the wonderful architecture, to the sweeping alps and the emerald and lime green forestry, Switzerland has it all. If this stunning natural vista is not on your travel tuck list, work it in. If you are daunted because of the expense your friends keep telling you awaits when you get here, don’t be. The only way to truly experience and understand a place is to see it for yourself. Instead of seeing the posts online and getting the postcards in the mail, be the person that goes out and experiences it all for themselves. Switzerland is a must-do for any avid traveller, and free-spirited wanderer, anyone out to explore the unknown..

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