Using Hypnotherapy to combat mental health strains


It is no secret that we live in a world that is more open than ever before. However, interestingly, it also happens to be a world that is full of more uncertainty, fear, lack of confidence, lack of love, and mental health crisis than ever. As the global population continues to grow exponentially, we are also seeing a surge in the way that mental health is negatively affecting tens of millions people. For so long, mental health has been considered a taboo subject of conversation – it still is today. But the way that we approach, address, and respond to issues of mental health must change. Thankfully – finally – we are seeing the beginnings of a shift in mindset when the topic of mental health comes up. How we can be more supportive. How we can be more honest. How we can be more open-minded. Ultimately, how we can work towards a solution. There are many therapies and tested approaches that are making headlines these days, but one form of psychotherapy has been gaining traction at an exceedingly rapid pace as of late.

That form of psychotherapy is called Hypnotherapy, and it is changing lives every other day. Despite a long history of controversy and dissociation with the facts, many forms of  psychotherapy work wonders, Hypnotherapy included (in fact, Hypnotherapy is one of the most consistently successful forms of psychotherapy in treating anxieties and other mental strains in people. The statistics surrounding mental health strain in particular relation to young people, are staggering and sobering at once. Considered to be a low risk approach to therapy for mental health strains, Hypnotherapy is changing the game – and the lives of the countless people who undertake it as a viable therapeutic treatment option. It goes without saying that living with any kind of mental health struggle is a battle, and anyone that has dealt with these kinds of demons before (unfortunately) knows this all too well. and while Hypnotherapy can be a bit of a controversial solution, it is one that has proven time and again to be successful for people. But how, exactly, and where is the proof?

There have been many studies and much research done on the subject before (particularly in the last few years). Every one of these studies has proven that Hypnotherapy is a genuinely helpful solution. It has been studied most often as a treatment option for anxiety, most frequently in relation to surgery. Multiple studies have proven that Hypnotherapy reduces anxiety levels and lowers blood pressure in individuals before they go under, in addition to enhanced recovery times. Hypnotherapy has also been studied many times in relation to its effect on individuals who suffer from depression. In one study, eighty-four individuals with depression were randomly given sixteen weeks of treatment with either Hypnotherapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Of the two groups, the one with Hypnotherapy treatment made more significant improvements overall. The literature supports the use of Hypnotherapy as a strategy to improve mental health, and these are just two broad examples of the positive results Hypnotherapy can yield in patients.

As one of the oldest forms of psychotherapy in the western world, Hypnotherapy is a treatment that has been in active effect for generations, and it is yielding consistently successful and positive results – something that many other forms of therapy or other treatments for mental health struggles do not have as much luck achieving. Considered to be a cure for the mind and the body, Hypnotherapy works its magic by alleviating stresses and negative energies and emotions in the mind while helping the physical body to get to a stronger place as well. Hypnotherapy has proven time and again to be a sustainable and overwhelmingly successful therapeutic approach to dealing with mental health strains. This is especially true in treating younger people. As for if this is due to younger individuals being more impressionable or not, there are divided opinions on the matter. But regardless of which side you sit on the fence about this topic, one thing is certain: Hypnotherapy works, and it works well.

As human beings, we are intrinsically linked to one another, but more than that we are capable of forming diverse, sometimes decidedly challenging standpoints on certain topics. The subject of mental health is one of them. And even despite the fact that there are indeed differing opinions on the subject, the overwhelming collective attitude has been one of quiet, if not defiant, ignorance, even unwillingness to be honest and open. But as the number of individuals struggling mentally continues to rise by the day, the time for change was yesterday. We must act now. With overwhelmingly positive approaches like Hypnotherapy changing the mindsets and the lives of tens of millions of people every year, it goes without saying that we have the successful solutions. All we need now is the global shift in mindset towards mental health to connect the dots and create a world where lasting, positive change is not only a possibility, but a reality.

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