US property market ignites hope for buyers

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Globally, the property market is one of the most prominent topics news topics year-round. No matter where in the world you are, the property market is full of twists and turns, always shifting and realigning itself to work for or against both prospective buyers and hopeful sellers. Regardless of which end of the spectrum any given individual falls under when locked into the property market, there are downfalls and there are positives. As individuals strive for the best real estate deal possible, they often find themselves struggling with the ins and outs of property investment or sale. For buyers specifically, the property market is a fickle thing, with the most invaluable investments selling faster than one can keep up with. Despite the countless articles and reports on the risk of investing in property that have circulated over recent years, the property market remains strong. The general thesis in the property market currently is that if individuals are looking for a new home, and have the means to make that wish a reality, now is the time to dive in and invest in the future. Around the world this consensus holds true, but perhaps nowhere so much as it does in the United States of America.

The property market in the US has seen many rises and falls in its time, all with their own consequences and intricacies. One of the leading causes for concern in the US property market is supply and demand; demand for housing outweighs the available supply, meaning that homes that do go up for sale on the market sell quite fast – certainly faster than they would if he supply was higher than immediate demand. The reality of the property market is that it never exists in a perfect state of harmony between seller and buyer; no matter which way the cookie crumbles, one party comes out the other side with the shorter end of the stick. This is not necessarily pointing out that one party always loses, because they don’t – either way, the seller (usually) sells their property and the buyer (usually) ends up with a property that suits their lifestyle perfectly.

While the property market has, in recent years, been primarily tipped in favour of sellers, hope continues to rise for prospective buyers. Factors like economic growth, employment rates, credit expansion, and buyer confidence (among other positives) weave together to forge what is ultimately a willingness on behalf of buyers to make financial sacrifices (like contribution to retirement and emergency savings) in the name of purchasing their dream home. More and more often in the US, what professionals in the property industry are finding is that homes that are located near or directly by the water (whether that ‘water’ be a lake, the ocean, or overlooking canals) are of consistent interest to prospective buyers.

Additionally, properties that have the vacation feel, doubled with relatively close proximity to the nearest city, house all the aspects and concepts of the ultimate home that continuously draw in buyer interest, making them strong-selling properties and invaluable investments. Areas within the US that generally cater to this specific style of property are the surrounding areas of New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington (among other areas). Each of these parts of America are home to their own unique landscapes, surrounding cities, and bustling life, but perhaps the most popular in the entire country is the areas in and around New York City.

Even with so much promise in the property market in 2018 and beyond, it is rare to find a property so perfect that it manages to encapsulate everything that prospective buyers could possibly want, with the ultimate location and surroundings included in the bundle. One such property on the outskirts of New York city’s surrounding areas does however exist, and it just to happens to be available at this very minute… welcome to 91 Hillside Avenue. With stunning sunrises visible from the comfort of your own home (no hiking to high mountain peaks necessary), and a peaceful vacation feel to it, this gorgeous direct waterfront property is the perfect place to call home. Stepping through the door and into the home of your dreams, you are greeted with astonishingly stunning panoramic views of the water. Standing with 3,300+ SF, this waterfront home was designed and constructed with every intricate detail in mind, from a gourmet chef’s kitchen and open floor plan living, to six spacious rooms including a sun porch where dining feels like living the high life in a five-start resort, the bigger details are only the initial selling points for this once-in-a-lifetime property opportunity.

Boasting gorgeous hardwood floors, storage abounds (not often found in beach homes), a newly added third floor offering additional living space, and a two-car garage (complete with a loft for even more storage), this is the home that keeps on giving. With so much to love about this property, its prime location – being close to four fantastic restaurants, ten minutes from town, fifteen minutes to New Haven and Yale, and 1.5 hours’ drive from New York City – makes it the definition of comfort and reliability, perfectly paired with sophistication and luxury. Perfectly located directly in alignment with waterfront views, a pristine, ready-to-move-into home, and ideal location, this Hillside Avenue dream home doubles as the perfect beach home. On the market for $1,299,000 this waterfront vista is a shimmering gem by the water, and it is truly one in a million (plus $300,000 well-invested dollars).

An important lesson is, contrary to popular belief, it is not always about the market itself, but more about the investments within the market and how prospective buyers can make the most of said investments. The property market in the US is an ever-evolving industry. With so many rises and falls in the marketplace, both prospective buyers and hopeful sellers are finding the experience to be nothing short of exciting (if not moderately stressful). The reality of the property market is that it is near impossible that there is a scenario in which both buyer and seller walk away with a perfect deal on both ends. The good news for buyers specifically is that the economic balance, employment rates, and credit expansions and rates are on their side, making now the perfect time to dive into the property market and come out with a glistening property gem.

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