Unpacking Health Insurance For Kids In The Current Modern Era


It is no secret that the health industry (both globally and respectively in each country and region) is one of the most important industries in the world. Our health is the most important gift we have, and for the most part, this is not lost on us. We live in a current age, a modern era where awareness, knowledge, and understanding of all things health becomes more and more pronounced all the time. Even so, the health industry is not immune to its controversies and weaknesses. In fact, there are several issues in healthcare and medicine that continue to rear their problematic heads time and again. Health insurance is one such issue. While in some parts of the world, health insurance has become easier and easier to handle over time, there are many areas around the world where health insurance is still just as problematic (if not more so) to deal with than ever. Additionally, there are some areas of health insurance that attract more scrutiny than others.

Health insurance for kids, for instance, is a topic that attracts as much criticism as it does praise, and it is most certainly an area that could do with great attention to detail and reshaping in the coming years. The reality is that, with the exception of a few countries and regions (hello Australia and Canada), positive approaches to kids’ health insurance are few and far between. Even in the case of those few countries and regions that actively pursue excellence in their approaches to kids’ health insurance, there is always room for improvement. This is even the case for family health insurance policies much of the time. While family health insurance policies are relatively common around the world, they either hold certain restrictions (financially or by the way of enforced age limits, to name a few examples of said restrictions) or are inadequate and unrealistic in one way or another.

It goes without saying that health insurance covers for kids differs around the world. What people are more or less relatively unaware of, however, is the fact that positively enforced and regulated kids’ health insurance is a rarity. Kids’ health insurance is often approached as a predetermined basic lay of standard healthcare cover points. While this is a great start, this is just barely scraping the surface of what should be included – either automatically or as an optional form of kids’ healthcare cover. This is an issue that kids and their families find themselves facing either before there is a need for additional (and perhaps unique) kids’ health insurance premiums, or at the time of diagnosis. In fact, it is an approach to health insurance that spans the globe, definitively proving that this is an issue that is present all over the world.

When children find themselves overwhelmingly ill, having adequate cover in place can (and often does, for that matter) mean the difference between getting the appropriate quality of care, and being more or less passed over by a basic health insurance system that only does part of the job, all the time. It is the unfortunate and sad reality that some kids get sick, and some of these children have parents that do everything right – you cannot control the hand you are given. This is an issue that has become easier over time in some parts of the world, however. In Australia and Canada, for instance, universal healthcare has begun to definitively close the gap, allowing and embracing a more positive response and approach to healthcare, as well as specifics like kids’ health insurance.

The global health industry is one that, believe it or not, has gained the most controversial traction of all. We live in a world where there are more focused and invested in our health than ever, and yet this is also a time where there are several pressing issues in the health industry that continue to come to the helm time and again. Kids’ health insurance is an instance that, regardless of one’s personal approach to its reaches, consistently finds itself being criticised and scrutinised. People are more angry about the approach to kids’ health insurance than ever, and the simple fact is that until something concrete is done about it, this will prove to be an issue that continues to come out of the woodwork. 

One of the most prominent issues in question is that of health insurance offerings around the world – or, more specifically, health insurance offerings for kids around the world. Too often, there is a monumental focus on health insurance for adults, and not nearly enough focus on health insurance benefits for children. Interestingly, this is even the case for family health insurance policies more often than not. While some parts of the world have initiated stronger commitments to better health insurance benefits for kids (see Australia and Canada’s universal healthcare systems, for instance), there is still a long way to go before we can truly be content with how kids’ health insurance is approached and handled respectively. This is not over.

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