Understanding how sleep benefits the body


The power of sleep and its impact on the body is something that is constantly underestimated. We lead such incredibly busy lives that we are often amid too much chaos to consciously put enough value on getting enough sleep. This has been an ongoing [and unhealthy] trend for quite some time now, and it is something that continuously proves to have negative domino effects on our productivity, cognitive functions, weight, appetite, and many other aspects of everyday life and the human body. When we get enough sleep, our brains have the chance to recharge and prepare for the day ahead, while simultaneously doing the work to catalogue the day that has just been. We want to operate at our best, and yet we do not give our bodies the rest and attention they need to allow us to do just that. This is the ultimate paradox. We must do better. There is something intrinsically important about following up our conscious awareness with consistent action. Anything else is doing ourselves a disservice, and in this case, our bodies as well. Peak performance hinges on our bodies getting enough fuel – and that includes sleep.

The mattress industry (not unlike every other industry in the modern world) is experiencing the power shifts that come along with technological disruption and further digitalisation. Thanks in no small part to the best mattress, our sleep has never experienced such a power play – and it is taking full advantage of it. Not only are companies offering mattresses of brilliant quality at lower prices, but they are offering them online with next-day (or same day) delivery as well. And the cherry on top comes in the way that mattresses are sold to consumers today. Rather than having to lug a flat mattress home in a Ute or a truck – or have it delivered (this concept is not necessarily new, though it is too getting cheaper – consumers can have their mattresses delivered in a box. Literally. This makes the transition from store to living area easier than ever. And our bodies are thanking us for the quality updates on our mattresses, rewarding us with better nights’ sleep.

Sleep and our performance throughout the day go hand in hand in a lot of ways. When we get a good night’s sleep, we have adequate energy to get through the day operating at our full potential. And when we have a fragmented sleep – even if we still get our seven to nine hours in a night – we tend to experience a snap in our performance levels. It makes sense that if our sleeping pattern is fragmented, then our levels of motivation and productivity during the day are also disjointed. We want to experience a recent night’s sleep, and our bodies need it to perform at their best, to feel their best, and to experience longevity of those feelings. To have a truly positive day, we need to have a good night’s sleep. It also helps to get up bright and early and rise with the sun, believe it or not (night owls will have trouble believing it, or motivating themselves to do it even against their better judgement).

There are many studies and much research that suggest that we are out most productive when we get enough sleep. everything from business decisions to personal and unique creativity is improved when we are well rested. These are not assumptions, these are facts. In fact, some studies show that 90% of executives start their day before 6am during the week, and up to 50% of self-made millionaires wake up at least three hours before they are due to begin their working day. When you get up in the morning you have the chance to set the tone for your whole day. Even accomplishing just one simple thing – whether it be answering emails and clearing out the email inbox, or making breakfast and doing the dishes – starts the day off positively and sets off a chain reaction that impacts the rest of the day as well. The mindset that we start our days off with plays a big part in how our day plays out, and our mindset can be easily swayed by the quality of our sleep the night before.

There is something incredibly profound about following up conscious thought with consistent action in life. This rings true in every aspect, but it is something that is fundamentally important and constantly overlooked when it comes to our sleeping patterns. The ties between a sound sleeping pattern and our ability to perform well in all aspects of waking life are bound, and yet we continue to ignore them. It is so important for us to get a good night’s sleep because without it, we are bound to experience falls in our motivations and productivity. More than anything else, we are inherently aware now more than ever that sleep benefits the body in more ways than one, and we should be paying special attention to them all. Our bodies – and us as individuals – deserve it.

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