Traditional casinos merge with online gaming to strengthen gambling industry


In the world of gambling, there is perhaps no way to better detail its considerable growth and history than to consider the fact that now, in a time where the world is changing dramatically, essentially pivoting on its axis to gravitate towards complete digitalisation, this traditionally-initiated industry continues to grow at an exceptionally rapid pace. At the heart of this continued growth in a time where other industries are losing their footing, is technology and further digitalisation. Industries the world over are no strangers to technological disruption, but in the case of the gambling industry this is something that has been growing in reach over time. The result of technological disruption in gambling? The rise of a new frontier, online gaming. Online gambling has introduced a new era in gambling, and it is one that has yielded significant results in terms of keeping the industry flourishing and thriving in an evolving world. But it has not come without its controversy, its debates.

The latest and greatest in gambling news is the merger of traditional casinos and the like, and modern online gaming sites and apps. The aim for online gambling was to create a gaming experience where individuals could enjoy their chosen games without having to go out to traditional institutions and go the full nine yards to enjoy their hobby. This concept quickly took off, and today more young people than ever before are gambling as well – with most of them gambling most of the time (if not always) online, and only indulging in the traditions of it occasionally (if ever). As is the case with any lucrative business market, there are people in the gambling industry who were afraid – and some that still are – of what the introduction of online gambling could mean for the future success and longevity of their own businesses. People who had loved the industry for its traditions for years were concerned about what the introduction of an online facet of gambling would mean for the traditional institutions. Over time, this concern faded as the two halves worked together to create a new era for gambling. It is still a work in progress, but it is making moves all the time.

Casinos and traditional gambling are a big business, estimated to be worth approximately $450 billion globally. This is a strong indication that this is an industry that will always have an element of tradition to it. For millions of gamers, half the fun is the atmosphere of it all, and so this is a sure-fire indication that traditional casinos and underground gambling bars and clubs will always be alive. Even still, the value of online gambling alone is rising exponentially, estimated in 2016 to be worth $45 billion worldwide. This is a numeration that has continued to rise significantly, and will likely continue to do so as time goes on. The excitement in this undeniably that people can now indulge in the games they love, on their own terms. It is addictive, and it has created an obsession with the digitally-driven online gambling world that people are finding more and more fascinating all the time.


The worldwide industry of gambling is one that, throughout its history, has proven to be exciting and lucrative. And yet, there is something to be said about embracing technological advancement in any case, and in the industry of gambling it is paramount to its continued longevity and success, to do so. Lucky for the businesses that have taken note and embraced technology in their midst, they have elevated their successes in a time where stubborn-to-a-fault casinos and the like are beginning to flail more dramatically as the technology rises. In some cases, traditional casinos are creating their own websites to expand their businesses online, and in other circumstances they are merging with online gambling websites and apps to create a new frontier of collective success for themselves, and for the individuals who are their consumers. This is the new norm in gambling, and it is benefiting both traditional institutions and modern gaming tremendously – and will likely continue to do so for a long time coming.

For decades, casinos and underground gambling bars thrived, as people came together from all circumstances to revel in the atmosphere, the competitiveness of it all. When technological innovation first infiltrated the modern world, there were slight movements across varying industries. However, over time technological influence grew, and entire industries were forced to reimagine their concepts and measures to stay relevant and successful in an exceedingly evolving world. Recently, technological advancement introduced online gambling to the gambling industry, causing much controversy and upheaval in the process. People who had been part of the industry for years were worried the introduction of online gambling would spell their certain end. However, as time went on, both parties found a way to deteriorate the competition that had begun to scale up. Finally, today two different facets of one industry have combined, and the gambling industry has never been stronger. Further, this is only the beginning. This is sure to be a wild ride.

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