The surge in technological advancement in real estate


Real estate is one of those industries that has a power about it, an undeniable allure. For so many of us, owning our very own piece of real estate heaven is a dream, and for those who are lucky enough to see that dream realised, it proves to be one of the best investments of their life. To invest in real estate is to give oneself the gift of a place to call home, or to work in comfortably, knowing it is yours, is to invest in one’s future in a way that so many millions of people hope to someday achieve too. And while the notion of the great real estate dream has not changed, the real estate industry itself has (to a degree). The bare bones of what real estate means have not changed, but the methods and models of which real estate functions and thrives have. Technological impact is currently making waves in the global real estate industry, in all the right ways. Thanks to technological influence and digital advancement, real estate is catching up to the rest of the world and proving it can find its footing even in the most transitory of times. Technology is helping pave the way, in new and exciting ways.

The nature of real estate is that it is centred around placing the right people in the right properties. And initially, looking at prospective properties was anything but a fast and easy process. In the beginning, to go to inspections took a lot of time, patience, and even money to get from point A to point B to look at the latest and greatest in real estate offerings. Today, however, technology has made even this tedious process far easier and smoother. Today, digital inspection queues, and even virtual reality inspection times have made looking at properties exciting again – and all without the added fuss of time-consuming running around that traditional property inspections required. Additionally, paperwork and formal processes and templates have been made easier by technology, being digitised and thus made simpler to go through. But it is not just the ins and outs of the real estate industry that have been fundamentally changed by technological advancement, but also the people who are involved in the real estate industry itself.

From luxury home builders to the realtors that sell the properties when they are ready to go, and everyone in between for that matter, there is the essence of technological disruption creeping in at ever-exceeding paces. Builders use high-tech systems and processes to bring the buildings to life, then going on to ensure they are fitted with the latest and greatest in security and home technology, all built in to the bare bones of the buildings. When realtors join the projects, they add their magic touch by setting up virtual inspection queues as well as traditional inspections, to get every interested party through the property in a timely fashion. And then there is the paperwork and handover processes. Initially some of the most tedious paperwork there ever has been, these systems and processes have largely (if not entirely) gone digital, making it easier than ever for interested buyers, renters, and investors alike to get from point A to point B of the real estate process, even making it all quite enjoyable.

Technological influence is introducing an entirely new ecosystem in the big wide world of real estate, and it is one that is quickly becoming a staple feature. What is impressive to us now in terms of real estate technology, will likely soon become a key feature that becomes as common as the very walls that hold the foundations of the properties in place. Real estate is all about making it as easy as possible to get people into their dream living spaces, and technological advancement and rapid digitalisation are the way to achieve this wholeheartedly and without failure. There is something magical about the reaches of technological innovation, and this is no less true in the world of real estate, than it is anywhere else. Real estate gives us what we all so eagerly chase: security and familiarity, even comfort. And technology has made this all the easier, time and again.

Real estate is one of the most traditionally-inclined industries in the world. Throughout history, there has been an ongoing interest in real estate that stems from our need for comfort and familiarity in our life. While we do not necessarily need the big, fancy homes that the western world has become so accustomed to, they are comforting. And so, they stay, and they remain a constant source of drive, of motivation. And now, thanks to technological advancement and rapid digitalisation finally disrupting the real estate industry in globally exhilarating ways, real estate is becoming fun, efficient, and exhilarating again. Every facet of the modern real estate experience is peppered with digitalisation and tech, from the builders and realtors that bring the properties to fruition, to the systems and processes that get the right people into the properties after sales, rental agreements, or investment deals. This is just the beginning for technological input in real estate, but it sure is a thrilling start to what is sure to be an incredible evolution.


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