The steady rise of entertainment technology


The entertainment industry is one of the most exciting and innovating of them all. Enabling the captivation and thrill of consumers around the world, the entertainment business has enjoyed a long, prosperous life – and there is no end to that life in sight. Throughout its history, the entertainment industry has enabled and encouraged the enjoyment and wonder of audiences around the globe, firmly establishing its presence as one of the world’s most beloved industries to date. As time has moved us on, we have been faced with the dawn of technological influence, and that influence has been the driving force of entertainment technology’s prowess in the modern world. Of all the industries in the world, there is no doubt that the entertainment business is the one that creates an innate sense of global inclusivity every time. As it currently stands, the world of entertainment is being infiltrated by an ongoing surge of technology. This wave of technology has allowed for substantial growth in the industry. And that wave is far from over.

Thanks to technology, practically every existent industry has been revolutionised. Think of the on hold music that plays when you are on hold with a company on the phone. Or of the mobile phone tones that ring out when you get a call, an email, or a message. Think of the intricate visual details in characters on video games. Or of the animation of an entire world in a kid’s television series. Technology quite literally surrounds us, and we are interacting with it in countless ways. We have become familiar, even dependent on technological innovation. In the entertainment industry, innovation refers to several facets of entertainment. From the talent and the crew, to the services and the devices that bring the entertainment to life, there is something to be said about enhancing talent with technological prowess. The entertainment industry knows this all too well. Entertainment technology is designed, like all technologies, to improve the reaches of entertainment, and it is on the rise even now, after having already established its presence in an increasingly busy modern world.

Modern consumers tend to get complacent with the technology that surrounds them, and so it is more important than ever that these technologies are constantly evolving, always becoming more. Consumers quite literally power industries forward or drive them into the ground. Which happens depends entirely on the industry’s capabilities and determination to break ground and prove its value. The entertainment industry is an industry has given rise to entertainment technologies like royalty-free music, virtual reality and augmented reality, streaming services (think Netflix or Spotify). Each of these feats of entertainment technology has brought with it realisations about consumer intake and a spur to improve through further innovations of entertainment technology. In all the time that the entertainment industry has been barrelling through era after era, there has never been as much technological promise and further advancements as there is currently. From music (royalty-free or not) to television and film (via streaming service or on the big screen), now is the peak of entertainment technologies in motion in the entertainment industry.

The world of entertainment is sprawling with technological advances that seek to make it more comfortable, more exciting. The biggest positive to so much change is that all this change is being catered towards something new and exciting, the dawn of a new era in entertainment. Pioneering that race towards the next evolution is entertainment technology in all its forms. The entertainment industry is one that always has multiple projects on the go, and there is always something fresh and exhilarating happening. Whether that happens to be a new movie, the premiere of a new season of a beloved television show, the release of a new  album or song, or the music that plays during hold queues on the phone, the fact remains the same: the entertainment industry is inundated with entertainment technologies, and these technologies are forming the basis of the future of the entertainment industry.

When it comes to influential movement and consistent evolution, there is perhaps no industry in all the world that has a stronger claim to the throne than the entertainment industry. Faced with ever-changing talents and ongoing elevations in entertainment technology, the entertainment business is one that has more than earned its reputation around the world. The continuous surge of technological and digital innovation that infiltrates the entertainment industry from every possible angle is something that speaks volumes of an industry that is always rising, always shifting to realign with the way of the world. As in any industry, entertainment has been faced with genuine, lasting innovation and change, and that change is something that constantly strengthens it tenfold. Consumers largely dictate what is successful and unsuccessful in the entertainment industry, and it is becoming more apparent with every passing day that technology is the core of success in entertainment in this new age.

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