The rising importance of coding in the digital world

81Q+xPjPKXL._SL1500_.jpgLiving in a digital society, it’s crucial that businesses maintain a working and updated website for consumers to locate important information. A website becomes is an easy way to showcase the brand of a company with visual text and graphics. It’s the first thing consumers will look for when trying to learn more about a business and the products they have to offer. If a website is outdated or poorly built, it can directly result in a negative reputation of a company. Websites are looking to be creative, sleek, and stand out as a known brand to consumers. If a website looks like it’s from the 1990’s with basic text fonts and faulty links, it may ruin the credibility of a company.

As the value of maintaining a sophisticated website increases, so do the costs of the website builders and coders to build custom sites. As many businesses do not have the money to pay for a brand new site by a custom builder, the website builders are becoming increasingly popular online. Although a custom domain has to paid for, the building of the site itself makes it great for small businesses and nonprofits.

Actually taking the time to learn how to build a website can be difficult and highly time consuming, but luckily many free website builders have tutorials that guide users through everything from the homepage to the coding behind the page. It can be highly beneficial to learn basic website coding so that if something needs updated and can easily be done with a simple code rather than attempting an entire new theme. Many sites offer free coding lessons or just by a simple web search users should be able to identify a few sites that work for them.

Learning how to build a website comes at the ability that one can teach themselves. The internet is a wealth of knowledge with nearly endless information on every subject. If an individual can learn how to teach themselves the craft of website building, they will open up even more doors for using the internet as a learning tool. A sufficiently built website can be a great way to build a surplus of profits and investment opportunities for their business.

As society leans into a world of digital connections being a primary point of contact for humans, it’s also a way humans communicate with businesses. Through social media platforms and internet forums, companies can see what type of digital conversations are being held about their business and then tailor their online presence to adjust to the needs and desires of clients and consumers.

This all starts with building a website. To build a website, it should first enter in a planning and outline phase with a creative and digital team, but if a team is only one person, that works too. Businesses must understand what they want out of their website and how they want the consumers to view and understand their brand. In this phase it is normal to select a budget as well. Even though there are free website builders, knowing your budget limites will help if a company decides to buy themes or their own domain name. It helps to follow the color and font guidelines of a company handbook, if there is one. This will provide uniformity.

In the planning phase, it’s also crucial to map out how the website will flow. For example, some companies choose to utilize multiple tabs with subtabs of information to allow users to navigate through the site. However, other companies choose minimal tabs for navigation and have continuous vertical scroll. Aside from navigation, it’s imperative that the company strategize what will be housed in the site. Some choose to provide little information with an area for potential contact to show up while others choose to provide as much information as consumers may possibly want about a company.

Every website is individual and a direct representation of their brand. There are no right or wrongs in building a personal website as long as it is visually professional. As previously mentioned, an unprofessional and outdated website causes companies to lose their credibility. In 2018, it is important to maintain an online presence in all areas.

After the planning phase is completed with as many details as possible, the next phases moves into picking a theme and a website builder to use. This is the point in which the designer may choose widgets and where items will be placed on the screen. Many website builders already have built-in widgets and ways to easily locate placements on each page with individual tutorials about how to navigate the building process. After the site is properly built an managed, checking the miniscule details like properly working links will improve the credibly of the final product.

Reputable companies have a professional, updated, and user-friendly website. The most important facets of creating and building a website are understanding the segmented target audience, available manpower, and budgeting allowances. By developing and implementing a full website design plan before building, this will make the entire process flow smoothly. Having a website is no longer an option, it’s necessary.


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