The Newest Wedding Fashion Trends for Brides This Season


To some, wedding fashion is as simple as a white dress and a formal, black suit. Although that may remain true for a traditional bride and groom, experimentation with wedding fashion is becoming more of a popular trend. For brides looking for something that’s on the cutting edge of wedding fashion, not only for themselves but also for their wedding party, JJ’s House provides styles for any type of fashionable bride.

Many brides are becoming more so inclined towards trends and fashion when shopping for a wedding dress. These new trends can include feathers, high-low hemlines, embellished veils, billowing or statement sleeves, three-piece suits, and statement-making headpieces and are only but a few of 2019’s most current wedding fashion trends.

A wedding dress adorned with feathers is a dramatic and bold statement. It creates another level of detail that many brides, who want something that hasn’t been done time and time again, prefer. There is a large amount of versatility when using feathers in fashion. Flowing feathers can be another way to add some glamour, or they can be scaled back, such as with a feathered sleeve or a feather-trimmed neckline or hem. There is a multitude of beautiful styles where feathers accentuate and bring to life what would be a more traditional style of dress. 

High-low hemlines are starting to gain traction in 2019, and are a great way to show off the fun and playful side to a less traditional bride. As designers are starting to recognize the rising popularity of a high-low hemline, there becomes more of a variety among this style. Now, there are options to combine a different look or style while still incorporating this asymmetrical look.

Whether or not a bride-to-be is looking for a sweetheart neckline, off the shoulder, a-line, or trumpet silhouette, a high-low hemline allows combining a new look with whichever style is preferred. A high-low dress is the balance of a daring look combined with a dramatic yet classic train, along with the opportunity to show off a great pair of heels. High-low hemlines can also be a great option for members of the bridal party; allowing for a formal yet fun look. 

Veil trends often mirror the latest wedding fashion trends and a popular one is an embellished veil. An embellished veil allows a bride to add creativity and personality to their veil, due to the countless options an embellished veil allows. Whether it’s a veil adorned with sparkles, a two-tier veil, metallic tones added, a wedding cape veil, or a barely-there look, there are plenty of embellishments to be added to create drama to a once plain veil. 

Another rising and dramatic trend in 2019 wedding fashion is statement/billowing sleeves. This type of sleeve allows for a striking impression, while still allowing for a bride to still choose any style. These sleeves allow for a multitude of looks, such as a flutter sleeve, a bold puffy sleeve, or even removable sleeves. A flutter sleeve goes incredibly with a bohemian style dress, whereas a puffy sleeve can add a dramatic element to a mermaid style or form-fitting bottom. Removable sleeves are a new trend that makes a dress incredibly versatile.

Oftentimes, a bride will choose to purchase a more traditional dress for the ceremony and a more casual, playful dress for the reception. However, removable sleeves allow for a bride to change her look dramatically but also easily. This can create a new look without incurring the cost of a second dress.

Wedding fashion is mostly centered around bridal gowns and veils, however, there are important trends in 2019 for grooms as well, such as the three-piece suit, a concept that has gained and lost popularity due to its formal nature in the past. Although a three-piece suit can come off as formal, it allows for a groom or groomsman to embrace a traditional look during the ceremony, with the option to remove a jacket and to roll up the sleeves of a dress shirt for a more relaxed feel during the reception. A three-piece suit is a great option, especially for destination or summer weddings.

One of the more fun wedding fashion trends of 2019 are headpieces. These pieces can be small with an air of intricacy, or large and dramatic, both adding an elevated aspect to a more traditional look. Often times, headpieces are small and can be placed delicately to accentuate a braid, bun, or whichever style a bride chooses. These pieces have become a popular trend allowing a bride to add a bit of elegance or expression once the veil has been removed. Other pieces that are quickly rising in popularity are large headpieces, often with a floral or crown element as the main component. 

Wedding fashion in 2019 is a mixture of old styles revamped to be modern, playful, and dramatic, like the high-low hemline, or something brand new, such as removable sleeves. However, no matter a bride’s preference or style, 2019’s wedding fashion trends provide a new and striking look for any bride.

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