The importance of designing a career path before graduating

job-applicants-interview-1200x800.jpgFew things in life are as time consuming as our careers. Quite often, individuals get up as the sun rises (or even before) to make it to their jobs by clock in time, to work tirelessly all day only to go home, have dinner, sleep, and repeat the process four times before the weekend arrives. And that is just the select individuals that work 9-5 jobs. Here is the hard truth; no matter how much you love your job, no matter how much you are impassioned about it, you are going to have off days. No career path is perfect, just as nobody’s life is perfect. When having a bad day at work, the very first thing that springs to mind is how much you love or hate the job. In the right career, a bad day is just a temporary misstep. In the wrong career, however, a bad day can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Just as going into an industry that one doesn’t love is not good for the person themselves, diving into a career just for the financial stability is never a good idea. When it comes to choosing the perfect carer for you, it is not all about the income…it is about dollars and sense.

The 19-25 year old bracket are among the most stressed out generations of recent times. With so much uncertainty at (seemingly) every turn, it is not particularly difficult to understand why. We are stressed out about the economy. We are stressed out about the environmental impact of our very being. We are stressed out about our own futures, and that of our children. And we are stressed out because, by the time we leave high school, we are expected to have a strong perception of what we want to spend the rest of our working lives devoting most of our weeks to. With a world of opportunities and nowhere to go but up, there is limitless potential…and that is difficult to fully grasp. It can be hard to know ourselves well enough to know exactly what we want for our future selves. Our career path is one of the largest, most tangible decisions we are ever likely to make, and so it pays to get it right (for obvious reasons).

Investing in job consultancy is one of the smartest things that a person can do for themselves and their professional future. It is a dog-eat-dog world out there, and going into a career that one has not fully prepared themselves for can be quite taxing on even the strongest of people. Investing in professional assistance in deciding between or on prospective careers can make all the difference to a person’s career path. As the saying goes, it is all about who you know (sometimes). To be able to determine which career path is the right one, having a firm understanding of the field as well as the potential growth and change of said field. That is why an outsider’s perspective is often invaluable.

Finding a career that is not only exciting but is also motivating is quite difficult. Following one’s dreams is of obvious importance, but so is being able to think for oneself properly. If finding yourself unsure of which path you ought to take, taking a step back and looking in from a different perspective is often key to understanding. What it all comes down to is what drives you in your core, in your soul. The things that drive us in our personal lives often have a funny way of being the best and most tangible motivators for passion projects and our careers themselves. Without a passion for whichever industry one ends up in, their work will never be full force and they will never reach their full potential. It is not enough to need a job to work out (and it shouldn’t be). Job satisfaction (and overall happiness in general) rely on wanting a job to work. The dream works when you do – not when you are desperate for it to.

When individuals first go into the workforce it can be difficult to have a firm enough grasp on their interests and passions to know definitively what they want to devote their lives to. Deciding on which career field one wants to devote their lives, knowledge, and skills to is a painstaking process and it is never a seamless path. Like the yellow brick road, there will be cracks and trials along the way, but once one discovers their true professional purpose in life, they can dive into their career with eyes wide open and their head full of ideas. Passion is key. Passion for what makes the job itself function. Passion for what drives someone to do and to be better. Passion for what their career can bring to the world and the people in it. And passion for the career itself. anything else is limiting one’s potential…and the world, now more than ever, needs people to be passionate and positively thriving.

In our waking hours, a substantial chunk of our time is spent pouring energy and commitment into our chosen career paths. It is not at all uncommon for individuals to spend time outside of their regular work hours, so it is understandable that putting so much time and effort into one’s career can feel like the road to nowhere when they are unhappy in their professional lives. Deciding on the right career path is not as difficult as it sounds. It might take some time and it might take some re-evaluation, but ultimately the worst thing that one can do to their own future is stay in a career, or a relationship, or a phase of life that does not make them truly and genuinely happy. Your professional path in life should not just be centred around the financial aspect of it all, but what it can do for your life in every aspect. Careers should not be entirely dependent on income, but on both dollars and sense.


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