The Global Bodybuilding Industry Continues to Rise


While it goes without saying that health and wellbeing are two of the greatest and most important gifts a person has, each individual has a unique relationship with their health. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice and an ongoing process that evolves through the implementation of good habits. Sometimes, no matter how hard a person might try, it is not possible to experience the same level of health and wellbeing as another individual; due to genetics. However, it is possible for each person to make diligent choices in exercise and their diets to maximize their own potential for good health. People may find a happy medium in a consistent workout routine and a balanced diet. For others, it is about thriving under an approach that demands more self discipline.

One example of a group of people who take exercise very seriously is the bodybuilding industry. For years now, bodybuilding has been a growing niche, as increasingly more individuals have gravitated towards this sport that has such a phenomenal focus on bettering yourself on the outside (but also on the inside). While such popularity for bodybuilding has been set in motion for some time, it is growth that has not always existed. It has taken time for it to get to this point, with interest dramatically increasing after the  release of Pumping Iron in 1977. It is not difficult to understand why bodybuilding has successfully piqued the interest of the masses. Bodybuilding gives individuals with a passion in health and fitness the means and the opportunity to challenge themselves and to become part of a greater community that is made up of like-minded individuals who all have the same mindset.

The active and consistent approach to exercise is one that allows bodybuilding enthusiasts to focus on creating a platform for their bodies and minds to function and thrive at their best. Having this amount of incredible focus creates a truly remarkable platform for an individual to become the best possible version of themselves. With self discipline comes commitment and determination. And it is not only about the commitment to exercise, Bodybuilders also have a steadfast focus on their diet. Self discipline is required not only to commit to and maintain such strenuous workouts, but also to follow a strict diet, where junk foods are seldom. This is the ultimate industry for individuals who have a passion for health and fitness and want to commit to bringing the best possible version of themselves to vibrant life not only as soon as possible but on an ongoing basis.

The bodybuilding industry is one that continues to gain more and more momentum all the time, with the Mr Olympia prize winnings increasing year after year. This booming industry is one that is all about changing your body on the outside, with mental strength from the inside. In this way, bodybuilding helps people to achieve more success as a result of the discipline and consistency that is needed to change your body composition over the long-term. Bodybuilding is also a science, needing to calculate calories and macronutrients on a daily basis to keep your muscles in an anabolic (muscle-building) environment and glycogen (energy) stores filled inside the muscles. Thus, working smart becomes even more difficult when there are various health and fitness myths that seem to linger from one decade to the next. And this is just the start. There are also supplements to be taken, workouts to be planned and even the duration of rest monitored. Some bodybuilders will even wake up in the middle of the night to take a protein shake for enhanced gains. Such methodologies highlight the fine line between looking good and being healthy.

The temptation of taking fitness to the excess may become a reality for those with almost obsessive routines, swallowing countless amounts of pills and working out for several hours each day. For the individuals who do successfully increase their health through bodybuilding, it is safe to say that their approach is one that is paved to the edges with good intentions and remarkable self discipline. Bodybuilding is an incredibly rewarding experience and the benefits that it gives to one’s body and mind cannot and should not ever be underestimated. The global bodybuilding industry is rising more than ever, and this is just the start. The best is yet to come.

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