The Benefits of Working While Studying


Working while studying can be a great way for you to make a little bit of extra money, and while it does have its disadvantages, those are usually drastically outweighed by the benefits that it brings. That’s probably why nearly 80% of college students work part time while studying.

Of course, it’s not necessarily the right decision for everyone, and there’s a real risk that if you spend too much time working and not enough time studying, you might not achieve the grades that you were aiming for.

As with most things in life, the key to success is to have a healthy balance, which is why it’s a good idea to limit your working hours if you do decide to take on a job while studying. But we’d recommend it if you can, and here’s why.

The benefits of working while studying

It helps to pay the bills
One of the most obvious benefits of working while at college is that it provides you with an extra income stream. Money can be tight when you’re a student, which is why it’s important to make every penny count. Getting a part time job can help you to stretch out your money and to help it to last longer.

It enhances your resume
Working while studying shows a certain amount of dedication, and potential employers will love it if they can see that you had the motivation to work and study at the same time. It can also help to bulk out your resume, which is usually a little on the sparse side when you first graduate. Using grammar check for students will ensure you have a well-written resume that will lend you the job of your dream.

It can make you better at your chosen subject
If you’re lucky enough to get a job that ties in with the subject that you’re studying then working while in college can actually make you better at the subject that you’re studying. For example, if you’re training to become a writer then picking up work for an expert admission essay writing service can be a great way to improve your writing skills and to get a little hands on experience.

It teaches you important life skills
The skills that you learn from your part time student job can have actual impacts in your later career. For example, you might learn to handle money or get better at making sales calls. In fact, most part-time jobs require you to be something of a generalist, which means that you’ll pick up skills across the board.

It’s flexible
British charity prospects suggests that one of the main benefits of working while studying is that it’s flexible. If you work for a large chain then the chances are that you’ll be able to work your shifts around your lectures, and lectures themselves often take place on evenings and weekends, especially for postgraduate students.

It’s common sense
It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that taking a college job is a good idea. Many people get their first job long before going to college, and the fact that they’re in higher education with greater freedom and a little freer time means that they can ditch their old job and get a better one.

You can plan ahead
One of the benefits of having a college job is that you know exactly when you’ll be able to work. You can start shortlisting and applying for jobs before the academic year even begins, and if you know that you’re going to head home during the summer then you can tailor your job search and the shifts that you accept to work around that.

It helps you to make friends
Not many people talk about how lonely it can be to be a student, which is why they also don’t talk about the fact that getting a job can help you to make new friends. The Sims games got it right when they gave their characters a “social” bar. We need to socialize and make friends if we want to stay sane, and getting part-time jobs can be a great way to do that.


Working while studying is a no-brainer, especially with so much choice available. At its most basic level, students can pick up some shifts at a local supermarket. At a more advanced level, they can start freelancing or even “flipping” items by buying low and selling high.

This is good news, because college life can be expensive and it can’t hurt to get a little extra money in to help to pay the bills. At the same time, picking up a student job can also help you to learn valuable skills that will set you up in good stead throughout your career. So what are you waiting for? Start looking around for a college job today. Good luck!

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