The benefits of disk imaging for students


Using computers is quite normal these days. In fact, people of any age group use PCs and laptops for a variety of tasks. Well, no matter whether you use them at home, work, or school, you will be quite excited to learn about disk imaging software. Do you want to know how it makes your life a lot easier? Read on to know how it can save your precious time anywhere and everywhere!

Disk imaging at Schools

Students these days don’t want to get restricted education. They are fond of exploring new things and learning them. As an instructor especially in the field of technology, you will have already experienced this nature of them, isn’t it? Particularly computer science students require practice in reconfiguring, making big changes, and messing up with hard drive in order to learn how actually they tend to work.

Moreover, in computer training environment, you may want all of the computers to begin with similar configurations allowing everyone to begin on same page. Restoring hard disks using R-Drive Image before each of the class is one of the quickest ways to offer a fresh slate to the students with exact specifications.

This similar principle applies to any computer groups regardless of whether it is public schools, internet café, or library. Using imaging software will keep the entire computer network tidy and neat with just minimal efforts.

Disk imaging at workplace

Being an employer, you might be very much concerned about spyware, key-loggers, and other such trash on the computers of employees, right? This can indeed be a huge issue. In fact, businesses are major targets for the information terrorism. Therefore, regularly imaging their PCs will be an important and useful step for saving work data and be a prepared employer.

Basics on Hard Drive Imaging

Hard drive imaging basically comprises of copying archived image of complete contents of hard drive to any other medium. Previously, images were just stored on the tape drives. These days, network storage or external hard drives are widely used destination for the images of hard drive.

Apart from containing drive’s data, hard drive image  even contains boot sector, file system, and other such information required for restoring hard drive in case of a crash. Hard drive imaging is basically the process of compressing the entire hard drive data into a single file, which can also be easily encrypted and password-protected. It is the best way to ensure total security of your important data, especially from hackers who are looking to gain unauthorized access. There are many benefits of creating drive images.

It has ability for making differential and incremental backups. It saves time by allowing computer to restore its data to point prior to most recent backup. This can be quite useful if the onset of the problem can easily be pinpointed to time in between two backups like evil virus infection. You can then restore to backup prior to one when the issue happened.

If you want your computers to be under your control, make sure to go for disk imaging. It will save a great amount of time especially at schools and colleges.

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