Tech: changing the landscape of business


Tech and business industries are becoming intertwined as technology develops. Tech adds aspects that are crucial to taking into consideration when analyzing a company. Will the two industries meld together or will tech take over business?

Innovative tech companies shift industries as they build new ideas. Uber and Lyft are fantastic examples. The cab industry is taking a huge loss due to the affordable prices that other services offer. These tech companies are also always ahead of the game. Uber is always thinking of new ways to beat traditional competition. An example is their 911 buttons and other safety features, according to Fast Company. This addition shows that the company cares about their customers, which is something lacking in the cab industry.

Google single-handedly changed digital marketing. Google is the most cohesive search engine and has to know a bunch about everyone. Companies care more about ranking on Google than any other search engine. If Google rolls out a new algorithm update for the search engine, it can impact the marketing strategies of thousands of companies, according to Forbes.

Amazon is yet another example of a tech giant controlling the game. Amazon is offering the best delivery and now they are getting into the grocery and food industry.

This project paradigm is called agile software development. They have a minimum viable product that is built over a series of development pushes called sprints. Once the product is working, more sprints are conducted. This then allows for feedback from stakeholders in the projects. Aspects of the project are added or altered and the feedback is then used in the next sprint cycle. This allows for constant improvement.

Technology is constantly changing and algorithms are becoming easier and easier for users to navigate. This is why having a talented software development company is crucial to keeping up with competition. Software development companies keep up with the pace of your business and the competition. Software development companies are ready for the ground to shift beneath their feet, which is key to staying above water in the constantly shifting business world.

Software development skills made a list of the top ten tech skills in high demand in 2018, according to Forbes.

With that being said, it also is crucial to keep up with software trends. The lifecycle of a piece of software is important to keep track of, along with the trend towards automating the testing of software, according to the Economist. Software development is a complex topic in business and tech; it is crucial to keep up.  It is crucial to set goals in software development like it is in any realm of a company or business. As websites get quicker and quicker, the competition gets steeper and steeper. Clients are less likely to engage with a website that is slower than competitors. This concept offers yet another complexity in the business and tech industries.

Data is considered the most important currency in commerce, according to Forbes. Social media platforms and apps have the ability to collect specific data on consumers. This allows companies to advertise more efficiently. Companies such as Under Armour and Sephora use machine learning to build customer personas based on billions of data points. This allows their campaigns to target the right audience. Data is making spending more efficient for businesses. Technological advancements have allowed companies to know more about consumers than ever. It can give insight to what target audiences are discussing on social media and what content they engage in. To be successful, companies need to use this data in this digital age.

Data also allows companies to analyze the ways in which economic transactions occur, interaction with marketing and news, and how consumers act after liking or sharing a company’s promotion. Data also allows companies to track consumers visiting their website. This shows how they interact with the site and with certain aspects of the site, according to the Huffington Post. 

Businesses should take advantage of the booming tech industry. These tow industries are morphing together because tech is doing business in a smart way for the digital age. Eventually, the lines between the two industries will be blurred.

Tech can especially empower small businesses. Small businesses can target their specific target audience easier with engagement tools on social media channels such as Facebook. Website building platforms such as WordPress allow any company or any size to build a website that suits their client base.

Tech developments are allowing many parts of business strategy to be automated, which allows companies to progress faster and engage more. What a time to be in business.

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