Sustainable Fashion Elevates The Fashion Industry


Fashion is an industry that is literally always shifting from one era into the next. For decades, this is the industry that has been largely (if not entirely) responsible for the ongoing creative personalisation and styling of individuals from all over the world. For so many people, fashion is arguably the biggest and best industry there is out there. There is something special and unique about fashion because it literally provides a limitless scope of freedom and possibility that is challenging, if not impossible, to match anywhere else. Throughout the years, fashion has seemingly effortlessly shifted from one era into the next. Some of these eras leave more of a lasting, profound impact than others. From the stunning Richard Mille watches on consumers’ wrists, to the remarkable shoes that come out of some of the most high-quality brands in the world, and everywhere in between, practically every facet of fashion has shifted with the changing times, realigning to sync back up with the current trends and styles. In particular, the latest era in fashion has had perhaps the most significantly positive impact in the fashion industry’s history.

Sustainable fashion has fundamentally changed the way of the modern world tenfold, and it continues to have an overwhelmingly positive impact. The steady, gradually quickening pace of sustainable fashion’s rise is one that ultimately cannot be ignored.  What started out as a niche movement to limit environmental impact by some has since positively ballooned into a global movement towards sustainable fashion on a far grander (even global) scale. In sustainable fashion, people are given the opportunity to purchase high quality fashions that have high positive impact on their carbon footprint and the world around them as a whole. It is a remarkably positive approach to one of the world’s most dominant industries – and it has never been more necessary than it is right now. More than anything, the awareness that fashion is one of the biggest industries in all the world – and thus also capable of having the most (negative or positive) impact not only now, but going forward – is growing. So, is the plea to action that is causing more and more people to gravitate towards sustainable fashion.

While sustainable fashion is not necessarily a new concept, its sheer impact and remarkable scope of reach speak volumes of just how innovative and important a change like the move to sustainable fashion is. Think of the statistics surrounding the impact of the fashion industry on planet Earth, for instance. The statistics do not lie, and they have proven the fast fashion industry (i.e. traditional fashion) to be one of the most detrimental to not only the planet, but its – and our – survival going forward. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of international CO2 emissions, 20% of global industrial wastewater, 11% of pesticides use, and another 24% of insecticides use. These are unbelievable statistics, massive scopes of impact, and at the end of the day, it is undeniable that the (seemingly small) fashion choices you make, can ultimately contribute to a much healthier future for not only fashion, but the entire world and everyone that calls Earth home. The rise of sustainable fashion has created an exciting era in fashion, and we are seeing that era continue to elevate all the time.

Even some of the world’s leading fashion brands (think Allbirds or Stella McCartney) are jumping on the sustainable fashion train. Thanks to the awareness and knowledge of modern consumers around the reality of sustainable fashion versus traditional fashion, more and more people are choosing to invest their money and consumer loyalty in fashion companies that are not only dedicated to producing high quality styles and colours, but who are dedicated to doing so as sustainably as possible. It seems that, all the time, no matter where one looks, sustainable fashion is continuing to elevate and excel to new heights. It is a change that is being embraced and welcomed with open arms. The modern world is more environmentally and morally conscious and driven than ever, and sustainable fashion is one of the most significant movements currently in action, to right the ship. The global fashion industry is an industry that, believe it or not, brings forth and represents some of the most significant eras in human history.

Over the years, fashion is the industry that has consistently proven to be one of the most creative, forward-thinking sectors in all the world. As each era comes and goes, fashion somehow always manages to keep up with the hype. The most recent era in fashion – sustainable fashion – has proven to be the most inspiring and positive eras in not only fashion, but in human history. Sustainable fashion provides a healthier alternative to the common traditional fashions that the world has adorned in years past. Thanks to the constantly growing body of research and studies, sustainable fashions continue to become more and more popular the world over. The momentum surrounding sustainable fashion only continues to build and grow, and there is no sign of that momentum slowing down any time soon. The best from sustainable fashion is yet to come.

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