Surge in solo travel continues in upward trajectory


It seems that practically every person wants to travel at some point, to some degree, throughout their life. Whether it is adventures close to home, or journeys around the big, wide world, travel is something that is ingrained in us all, regardless of how deeply or how long for. There is something very appealing about the adventure of picking everything up and diving into the great unknown. The world is a big, wonderful place, and with so many different experiences and places to immerse yourself in, why stay in the same place your whole life? Of course, for some people, that is exactly what they want to do. And while it might be challenging for us avid travellers to understand why they want to stay in one place, they find it strange that we do not want to. To each their own, as they say. But now, there is a growing number of individuals all over the world who are wholeheartedly embodying a new mainstream approach to travel. In recent years, the number of individuals taking on the adventure of solo travel has begun a steady upward trajectory, and it has never stopped since.

Travelling solo might seem daunting to some people, but to those it appeals to, solo travel is all about embracing the concept of freedom from within, and embodying it with every ounce of determination, excitement, and zest possible. Travel has always been a hot commodity, and that has not changed in the slightest. What has changed over time, however, is the fact that people are becoming more and more confident in their capability to go it alone, rather than spend their time waiting around for someone to go with. This relatively fresh sense of empowerment is spurring the solo travel industry to all-new heights, and it is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down any time soon. Solo travel might have always been a niche respective of the larger travel industry, but it is now only going to go from strength to strength as a mainstream approach to travel for avid travellers around the globe.

The appeal in solo travel is not having to compromise on any destinations, bucket list items, timeframes, or adventures at all. As a solo traveller, every aspect of your trajectory is entirely on your terms, and your terms alone. From bucket list ticks like riding holidays in the desert, or whale swims in the ocean, or any other manner of possible bucket list ticks there is, you can stay in a destination as long as you want, doing it all as many times as you want, without having a timeline on everything. It is an approach to travel that is both exciting and unique, and it is one that continues to draw in people with the allure and the promise of a continuously evolving world that only becomes more and more thrilling as you explore more of it. Earth is in a constant state of evolution, and those that travel on their own path, and travel often, essentially get a front row seat into exactly how and why that world is changing.

It is exciting to realise that more and more eager travellers are becoming confident enough in themselves that they want to travel the world by any means – even, and especially, by themselves. Once upon a time, solo travel was a distinct niche, but today it is becoming more mainstream by the day, and it is a realisation that is delighting and exciting people all over the world. The independent power of travelling solo is one that is unparalleled, and it becomes more and more intoxicating all the time. Whether these solo travellers have a home base waiting for them in their home country, or whether they have sold it all to adventure until they decide to anchor down again, it doesn’t really matter…it is a leap of faith that goes into even embracing solo travel to begin with that marks the journey. And it is a journey that, as time goes on, only becomes more appealing to more people.

For the people that long to see the world, there is nothing quite like diving into the great unknown and seeing for yourself all the great wonders that the big, wide world has to offer. There is a certain type of magic in immersing yourself in new experiences and new destinations. And lately, there has been a growing number of individuals all over the world who are determined to see the world on their own terms, and with no company but their own. In recent years, solo travel has been a trend that has continuously found itself on the up and up. The freedom of knowing that you have no one else to argue timelines, destinations, bucket list adventures, and experiences with, means that you can see the world entirely on your own terms. That kind of appeal is hard to beat, and for the individuals around the globe who are taking on the adventure of solo travel, they are embodying the ideal that freedom comes from within. 

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