Social media pulls unique jewellery designs into mainstream market

jewelry-1050x700.jpgAs far as treasured possessions go, jewellery is nearly always – if not without fail – one of the most precious possessions that any given person owns. People spend weeks, even months saving to buy the next coveted piece for their personal collections, and once they have it they wear it like the shimmering treasure that it is. We all have those pieces of jewellery that are irreplaceable, whether that be because they are one-of-a-kind designs, or cherished family heirlooms that hold great sentimental value. And then there are the pieces that have a unique sense of wonder about them, that capture the attention and make you think, “I wish I had that”. One way that unique jewellery has been driven into the mainstream market and commercialised is through social media. While it is not at all uncommon for brands to showcase their work on their social media platforms (i.e. via social media marketing), it is relatively new that they are making all their work available, regardless of if it was initially designed to be a once-in-a-lifetime piece.

Thanks to widespread commercialisation and digital marketing, the most unique of jewellery pieces are being adopted for widespread replication. This is the world that we live in now, and it is showing no definitive signs of slowing down any time soon. It seems that everywhere we look, unique pieces are being copied and, in many cases, sold for a fraction of their initial cost as cheaper knock offs. And social media is largely to blame. Whether it is the setting of an engagement ring or the design of a pearl necklace (or any other manner of components to jewellery design, for that matter), a unique piece can become the apple of a million peoples’ eye, all through the intrinsic power of social media. This is the way that social media marketing works, and it works well. While of course unique jewellery designs will always be strove towards, they also are increasingly becoming available for ogling and even replication once they are handed to their respective new owners.

The designers that are responsible for these unique designs and jewellery pieces started using social media as a promotional tool. Intending largely (if not wholly) to be a means of promoting the services available to create the pieces, they ballooned into being promotional tools for the commercialisation of the unique pieces that made their style so distinguishable in the first place. In using digital marketing strategies to increase exposure, unique jewellery brands are becoming mainstream wonders. The widespread commercialisation of even the most unique of fine pieces is becoming a global phenomenon, and designers and businesses are turning out more of these “unique” pieces than ever before. What was once so pure has become a commercialised success, so much so to the point where millions of individuals are wearing something that was initially designed as a one-off piece.

Of course, there are always pieces that designers and brands refuse to replicate, and that is something to be cherished. But even these pieces can be – and are – recreated elsewhere. Nothing is sacred anymore, but the joy that these once-unique pieces bring to people the world over is worth it – depending, of course, on who you ask. With this being said, even the designers behind the inspirational pieces of jewellery are coming around to the modern reality, as they realise that there is little to no stopping it from gaining traction over time. It has come down to, largely, jumping on the bandwagon or being left behind in the dust. If the new reality of the jewellery industry is digital marketing and widespread commercialisation of even the most once-in-a-lifetime concepts and ideas, then nine out of ten jewellery designers and brands are going to take the leap – even if they are not entirely on board with it to begin with. And so, the new era of the worldwide jewellery industry is born.

The jewellery industry is one of the most consistently well performing sectors in the world. And now, thanks to the rise of digital marketing tactics like social media marketing, even the most exclusive designs are being showcased to the world and made available for steady replication to the masses. Some pieces remain true one-of-a-kind in their branding, but replication is now the sincerest form of flattery for any industry – and especially for the jewellery marketplace. Consumers today see the pieces of jewellery that they love on social media, and they screenshot them on their phones, saving them for later inspiration or purchases. While this has fundamentally changed the jewellery industry from the ground up, it has also brought with it a keen sense of bewilderment in consumers that has even the brands who initially design one-of-a-kind pieces jumping on the high-speed commercialisation band wagon.

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