Social media marketing is the dark horse of online business


The business sector has been subject to countless evolutions as time as gone on and society has transitioned from one era into the next. In this latest digital era (and probably in the ones to follow), digital marketing has taken the place of most marketing techniques as the strongest platform for consumer outreach. Social media marketing, for example, gives consumers an aesthetic connection to the brand as well as an immediate lifeline to connect with those behind the brand. This method has worked for thousands of companies, and it has turned everyday people into flourishing, successful businessmen and women – including Kylie Jenner.

At just twenty years old, Kylie Jenner is set to become the world’s youngest billionaire in history. Like anything that the young reality star does (or anyone in her family, for that matter), recently gracing the cover of Forbes magazine as the world’s youngest self-made millionaire drew criticism around the world. Regardless of her background through, one could argue that while Jenner is not a self-made millionaire in the traditional sense, she has gotten as far as she has despite who her family is, not because of who her family is. Jenner’s million-dollar (soon to be billion-dollar) company Kylie Cosmetics is the epitome of the power that social media marketing can have on an online business.

Jenner has built a makeup empire from the ground up entirely on her own merit, and she credits her success primarily to social media. Jenner’s following is monumental, with over 110 million followers on Instagram, 16.4 million on her company’s Instagram profile, 25.6 million followers on Twitter, and millions more on social media platform Snapchat. Almost to the hour, Jenner logs onto Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat and posts updates on her makeup collection, inspiration looks, upcoming promotion sneak peaks, and customer looks. Her constant engagement with her fans and customers allows her to openly capitalize on her public image, using it to acquire more and more consumers. With millions of customers vying for products as new releases go live on her Shopify-powered website, the proof is in the pudding. Within (literal) minutes every time, products sell out. Even with large supply, demand continues to grow, and social media is largely to thank for the ongoing and increasing success of Kylie Cosmetics.

Jenner’s success as an online business mogul is just one of countless examples of social media marketing elevating a brand in the eyes of the consumer. With an open connection to consumers, brands that use social media as a marketing tactic allow their consumers to feel more connected and a part of the brand than ever – something that, in this era of constant connectivity, is invaluable for businesses. Social media is no longer just a simple online business boosting tool – entrepreneurs cannot come up with an idea, conduct relevant research, and launch their business on their laptop while lying in bed browsing through social media. The nature of online businesses is that they grow fast, and social media expands a business’ reach tenfold, giving brands the chance to increase their conversion rates, consumer outreach and loyalty, and return on investment, time and time again.

The evolution of social media from solely being an entertainment platform solution, to being one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world is frankly astounding. Social media marketing helps entrepreneurs to expand their business because of its efficiency and virtually infinite connection to the worldwide marketplace that has sprung up in the wake of digital marketing and online business. Even established businesses that have been in production for generations are finding themselves having to connect virtually with prospective consumers to stay relevant – without digital marketing, even the most stable of businesses cannot hope to remain viable and profitable. Good business is adaptability, and in this modern era of digitally-dependent consumers, digital marketing tools like social media marketing are giving businesses nowhere to go but up, up, and up.

Social media marketing has revolutionised the way that we conduct and engage with businesses. Online businesses have given way to a new kind of consumer and a new scope of potential consumer outreach – one that is virtually limitless. Businesses that opt to make use of social media marketing give themselves a competitive edge in that they are opening their brand up to billions of potential consumers and giving them free reign to interact with the business via social media comments, likes, and messages. As well as being a fantastic marketing tool, social media marketing allows businesses to gain a true understanding of the true need for their brand among the global population. News travels like wildfire online, and social media marketing gives consumers the chance to get honest and upfront responses from the brands that they follow and love.

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