Rising remote workplace pathway the new era in travel


Travel is something that we all love. There is something exhilarating and awe-inspiring about soaring through the air, or along the roads, or even across the ocean’s surface to an exciting destination. Every facet of travelling is thrilling, from mapping out the best places to visit at your next destination, to booking accommodation, the flights themselves, and even travel insurance. For so many people, it would be incredible to be able to travel around the globe constantly, but the reality is that people have had to rely on their jobs for their income, going on holidays whenever they had the extra savings to allow it. In this way, there has always (for the most part) been an air of sacrifice involved in travelling the world; people either sacrificed working to travel, or travelling to work. Until recently, that is. There is a new era in travel that is positively exploding around the world, and it is the careful bridging of the gap between travel and work. Welcome the rise of the remote workplace.

Remote work is a concept that many are still largely unfamiliar with. While the lifestyle has been increasing steadily over the years, the number of people who actually have remote careers dwindles in comparison to those who do not (for now, anyway – this is fast changing). Essentially, remote work refers to any chain of viable financial income that allows an individual to travel around the world without having to take time off, or bounce between available jobs. Before this movement, it was a lifestyle that only very few select career pathways allowed – and even when they did allow for it, the travel was more work and less (if any) play. Now, people are in a position of being able to create their work around their lifestyle, and not the other way around (as has always been the general standard). In a world where there is so much to see, so much to do, and so much to experience, this is a career path that is alluring to the millions, and those who join it now are the first waves of a revolutionary change to the nature of travel itself and of the workplace.

Individuals who pursue this lifestyle and career pathway are globally known as digital nomads. These are individuals who have a passion for travel, a savvy attitude to savings, and a career path that allows them the luxury of travelling while working at the same time. It seems like an unachievable dream, but thanks to technological advancement, digitalisation, and the introduction and consequential expansion of the worldwide web, it is a reality for so many already. Travelling is exciting in every sense of the word. But getting to travel while not having to sacrifice career trajectory or financial income? It is life-changing. It is not unusual for a digital nomad to work full time hours, either. In fact, there are companies and even entire industries who now cater towards the remote lifestyle as a priority. Companies who operate remotely already notice higher quality of life, the highest quality of work ethic, and happier employees. What is not to love?

For millions, travelling is the dream, but their career is their method of hustle to make the dream come alive. Now, we are seeing the rise of a new era in travel, and it is the age of the digital nomad wave. This is just the beginning of this revolutionary era in travel, and it is gaining traction as you read this article. It sounds like a lot of work because it is, but when the result is living the life you want to, your dream life, isn’t it worth it? As they say, nothing worth having comes easily. And this is no different. More than the challenges, a remote career is rewarding beyond all measures, with people getting to see the beauty of the world and all its nooks and crannies while excelling and progressing in their professional lives. It is a dream that is drawing the attention of more and more people, and it is something that is becoming more and more of a priority for companies and industries alike – no matter where in the world they may be. The new office is no office, and people are living for it, loving it.

The rise of the remote work place is one that is finding global footing and changing the lives of people every other day. While travel has been something that has traditionally brought about sacrifice (with people having to take time off to travel, and vice versa) on the part of the traveller, it is now an opportunity to join a surging workplace that is gaining traction all the time. Digital nomads have the means and the opportunity to literally travel the world and work simultaneously. All they need is a device to work from, a skill, and a reliable (and fast) internet connection. It is a rising approach to travel, and it is allowing people to build the foundations for their career progress, their future, and their life in general while seeing all the places they have always longed to see. Countries and regions around the world are leaning into the concept, with collective workspaces targeted towards digital nomads popping up all over the world. This is the new frontier in travel in the digital age, and it is just starting.


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