Remodelling the bathroom becomes most common home renovation


When it comes to renovating the home, there are a lot of aspects of renovating and decorating that homeowners must consider. Having a grand vision in mind for a space or a whole location is fantastic, but there are some traits of a home that are difficult to realign without costing a fortune – if they can be adjusted or relocated at all. Things like support beams and plumbing pipes seem at first like additional extras, but they are important anchors for any home, and they should not be messed with. Among the chaos, it can be difficult to know where to even begin. The one constant with any home renovation is that it is costly and time consuming. Many homeowners can only do one room at a time. The best room to start with? The bathroom. Remodelling the bathroom may seem like quite a simple task, but between working around the plumbing pipes, retiling, grouting, painting, picking a colour scheme, installing any new lighting in, and installing shower glass and fixtures, it is one of the most intricate spaces in the home to revitalise.

Renovating a property is time consuming. It is also expensive. Similarly, constructing a bathroom takes time and costs money. The bathroom is one of the most crucial rooms in any home, so getting the new shower, bath, and toilet in as soon as possible is best for everyone. Ask any seasoned renovator and they will tell you that there is nearly nothing worse than having to go through an entire renovation with no functioning bathroom. While it is easy to get excited about all the different spaces in the room, first and foremost the most crucial rooms to everyday life (the bathroom, the kitchen, etc) should be taken care of. Your future self will thank you. We often get ahead of ourselves when we take on new projects, but rushing through a renovation because you want to get to the bathroom so you can finally have a hot shower in the comfort of your own home again is never a good idea. Like anything else, renovating is about planning the process out and then taking time when it is needed.

The bathroom is one of the most expressive spaces in any home. From the bathroom vanity units and the mirrors hanging above them, to the shower and bath tub designs, and everything else in between, making individualistic styling and hardware choices is key to creating a bathroom that is the perfect balance between unique and familiar. When it comes to renovating the bathroom, it is all about the finishing touches seamlessly meeting the sleek design aspects and functional fixtures. Every little detail matters. Anything less than the utmost attention paid to each and every intricate detail could result in silly mistakes that are always frustrating and can often prove to be costly. Constructing the perfect bathroom is all about managing personal style and mainstream trends in a way that creates a homely space that feels both comfortable and elegant.

Simple tips and tricks like adding shelving or installing a new bathroom vanity unit can and often do prove to be excellent changes. Renovating a bathroom does not always have to mean gutting the entire space and starting from scratch again. Sometimes, a few simple changes (like a new vanity mirror or replacing old fixtures) or one major alternation (like retiling or adding a new wall colour) can completely revolutionise a bathroom and make it feel like an entirely new space. When it comes down to it, a bathroom renovation is one of the most effective, transformative changes that any homeowner can make to their home. In the end, what it all comes down to is functionality meeting style. Bathroom renovations often take the most time due to all the finer details, but they are also the most notable changes in any home renovation.

Renovating the home is a challenging and exciting undertaking. Those that do renovate often find that during their home revitalisation process, they learn more about their home and they fall more in love with it along the way. The bathroom often is – and should always be – one of the very first (if not the first) rooms to be transformed. When it comes to constructing the perfect bathroom, patience is key. Bathroom renovations take time. From the tiling and the grouting, to the fixtures and the vanity choices, there is a challenge seemingly around every corner. When the bathroom is finished, however, homeowners are often pleasantly surprised and even taken aback by how incredibly transformative switching up the one space is, how much (both personal and financial) value the bathroom construction adds to their whole home. For homeowners who want to gut their entire property, or just want to replenish a few key spaces, the bathroom is a must.

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