MoneyPug making waves as pioneering comparative platform


Advertising and marketing have gone through many evolutions in their time, but it is the latest evolution that has come off the back of a global revolutionary transition from one era in the next that has had the most profound impact. The world is in a transitory state where we are balancing between the comfortable (the humble beginnings of technological impact) and the unknown (rapid technological advancement and global reliance on said tech). The companies that currently exist – as well as all those who hope to break into their industries in the future – have followed the rest of the world and embraced technology for what it is: the ultimate Multi Tool for humanity. In particular, digital technologies like the rise of social media marketing and ecommerce as a break out industry have had significant impact on businesses, and it is modern marketing tactics such as this that continue to yield impressive and growing results across the board. For the first time in history, digital ads represent around half of US advertising sales (48%, to be exact). The companies that are making the most impact are doing so because they understand the importance of marketing tactics like social media, and what they can offer both their business and their customers in the long run.

More and more often, the modern consumer is turning to companies that have the same values they do. the modern consumer wants convenience, efficiency, and speed. Ecommerce speaks to all three values and has the power to put them all into simultaneous action. The obvious result of this is that companies that execute and work with these ideals well become the ultra-successful businesses that consumers trust and forge a loyalty to. Getting a company like MoneyPug off the ground is no easy task. The passion behind companies like this must be paramount, because anything less will yield little to no results, leading to whatever consumer base they had evaporating and heading for greener pastures. While normal online stores specialise in bringing the best of one or two specific products, MoneyPug researches and lists millions of listings while simultaneously managing a monumental Google cloud server. In taking the hard work out of clients’ hands, the company prides itself in delivering the best results at the same time. It is the epitome of dedication to the consumer.

Companies that operate on this kind of mindset realise the value of different marketing strategies, from email marketing to social media marketing MoneyPug may be the leading force in its focus, but the business is likely to head a rise in similar companies over the next few years that aim to specialise in online comparative shopping. Even the most established, well-structured company can – and does – fall apart without the support of its consumers. Without a customer base, a company has nothing to keep it functioning. This is the reason that using social media marketing is the most brilliant thing a business owner can do for their company’s future. When it comes to giving the power to the customer, social media is the easiest, most cost-effective way to do that – for both the business and the customer. It is widely predicted that ecommerce will be the largest retail platform by 2021. This is an incredible feat considering the short amount of time ecommerce has been in relative succession, and companies like MoneyPug recognise, live, and breathe the value of hard work.

Digital advertising is on the way up, with social media at the forefront of the revolution. Social media has the capacity and the power to help businesses grow exponentially, and it does this by effectively giving both parties the best end of the deal. In a true win-win scenario, social media marketing has created at once groundbreaking advertising and marketing strategy for businesses the world over, and the ultimate customer experience. For the businesses, social media offers a cost-effective way for companies to reach a potentially global audience. It is no secret that social media is a breeding grounds for connectivity – it is what it was designed for, after all. For consumers, they are given the kind of customer experience the masses have been screaming for, for years. Not only can they browse, but they can ask questions and get direct contact with the brands, as well as becoming exposed to ads that allow them to decide if they want to dive further into the company.

Social media marketing is the digital retail world’s front store window. It is not the first time this comparison has been made, and it will certainly not be the last. Social media is allowing a peek into the world of a company, effectively giving consumers a way to not only view the products in all their glory, but communicate with those behind the company to learn more and, in turn, become more invested in that company. Each different online store goes through a hundred and one trials and errors, overcoming countless challenges to bring the best to their customers. Imagine that kind of dedication, but a million times more tumultuous, and you have forward-thinking companies like MoneyPug. In short MoneyPug is a pioneering force in comparative retail, and they do this on an unbelievable scale.

Companies like MoneyPug recognise the value of honing in on the conversation around products, and it is this understanding that has allowed them to continue to bring the best to their growing consumer base. Ecommerce is the perfect channel for companies to access and provide the best on all fronts, and the companies that not only acknowledge, but put into action this realisation, are the leaders of their time. Says, CEO Lee Whitbread, “a good company is dedicated to putting the power back in the hands of the customer”, and this idea could not be more spot on. Especially in this age where the whole world – and thus, all consumers – are increasingly relying on complete connection and digitisation, placing the power in the hands of the target audience one wants to reach makes all the difference.

Social media marketing is the display window of the ecommerce universe, and as time goes on the presence of ecommerce becomes stronger and more direct. Companies that are using select marketing and advertising tactics to bring the best of the best to their consumer base are the companies who will continue to establish themselves as forces to be reckoned with in their respective industries. As the world gravitates towards a more digital approach to practically everything, it is companies based on ecommerce models that are leading the way and inspiring trust, loyalty, and lifelong partnerships with their consumers.


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