Leasing is proving a new model for B2B and consumer products


When considering automotive options, many consumers instantly think of their financing options at dealerships or private loans. Some choose dealerships for new cars where they must invest a large loan for a car and take on the car as their own responsibility with payments, repairs, roadside assistance, insurance coverage, and maintenance. Although this seems to be the normal and systematic societal way to ‘own’ a vehicle, many consumers are starting to consider the possibility of leasing a vehicle as these innovative options become more frequent and viable in varying economies.

Leasing a vehicle from a fleet management company has many consumer benefits that alleviates many of the hassles of owning a personal vehicle. Fleet management companies provide competitive insurance premiums, roadside assistance, and expert repairs.

For businesses, deciding to use a business to business model in fleet management can have great benefits after all options are thoroughly analyzed and thought out. Companies may have reservations when looking at cash flow, income statements, and a balance sheet, but leasing a company commercial vehicle can actually help in the long run when looking at the cost of maintenance, repairs, and insurance. Instead of utilizing multiple third parties in vehicle ownership, fleet management leasing options provide the company with a multidimensional business that can assist all of their needs.

Given multiple leasing options between scheduling and contracting leases for varying durations, many business choose to lease because it gives them optimal opportunities and flexibility. Some fleet dealers may decide to set up a multidimensional company where they run everything from purchasing fleets to leasing theirselves, or they may choose set up a lease broker business. Either way, leasing has great benefits for both the leaser and the leasee.

Fleet managers are always working to ensure that clients needs are met. When it comes to understanding fuel efficiency in leasing from a fleet management company, they want to know how to optimize it. Some companies can negotiate arrangements for fueling locations for larger trucks and vehicles.

Personal loans do not provide the many benefits that comes with Novated leasing such as tax discounts. Customers who choose personal loans also do not benefit from fuel discounts and discounted maintenance costs. As well as utilizing personal loan options, consumers are charged full retail price for vehicles rather than a budgeted version that fits a multitude of financial lifestyles and options.

Novated leasing allows an employee to select a vehicle of their choice within a salary package so that lease pricing maintains within their budget. This maximizes income and savings. Employees are able to make the most of their budget and take home more. By utilizing a salary package, employees are able to make their repayments straight from their salary. With these set repayments, it keeps an ease of mind for the employee and less to worry about. As well as with Novated leasing, employees are able to see full transparency with online information about their vehicle of choice. This will show their fuel discounts, maintenance information, and any other payment information and agreements within the lease. Novated leasing isn’t just for consumers and employees on high incomes, it can be for all budgets.

Many fleet dealers offer customers great deals on leasing cars because because of their buying power.  Leasing companies have buying power that gives rental companies higher capitalized costs. This allows them to create discounts for consumers, commercial vehicles, and employees.

The future of the vehicle purchasing industry is headed toward a great profitability in leasing as more and more consumers are aiming toward this option. Leasing doesn’t lock them into a large loan with the entire responsibility of owning a car on their shoulders. As it become increasingly difficult to obtain large loans for vehicles, leasing provides a sustainable alternative route for consumers and businesses to feel secure in their purchasing decisions while also finding a repayment plan that effectively fits into their budget.

Although there are still benefits to owning a vehicle, it does come with higher purchasing costs with interest added to loans as well as the search for a separate third party insurance agency to find varying coverage options. Insurance premiums are discounted with efficient premiums through fleet dealers like Orix. The cost of maintenance and repairs on a personal or commercial vehicle can be extremely high with individuals and businesses hassling through finding a proper mechanic to service that specific vehicle. Fleet dealers mainstream processes for consumers and business to provide a one stop shop for transportation services. Leasing options will present continuous growth in their economic sector.

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