Learning About Lab Grown Diamonds


Lab created diamonds have gained quite a lot of popularity lately, and there are several relevant factors that explain why. You’ve probably heard on more than one occasion about the environmental and ethical worries revolving around traditional diamond mining practices. Large amounts of fossil fuel and heavy machines are required to extract these stones, causing damage to ecosystems and watersheds. 

Specialists have pointed out that diamond mining is becoming less and less sustainable with each passing year, so naturally, solutions have been sought. You’ll discover that more gemstone lovers are directing their attention towards synthetic diamonds instead, which aren’t a substitute nor a fake, but an equally valuable alternative

What should you know about these lab grown stones exactly? What makes them the better choice here?

Guilt-free creation process and known origins

If you’re up-to-date with mining news, you’ve probably heard a lot of stories about the massacres that have occurred in the past linked to diamond mining, the smuggling scenarios happening in conflict zones and how many children are laboring in harsh conditions to bring these gemstones into the market. Because when you are buying a natural diamond, you can’t be certain of its origins, you might consider it a guilty purchase. 

People have become more aware of their consumerism habits lately, and that includes purchases such as buying gemstones. If you want to be certain that you aren’t getting a “blood diamond”, with an unknown background, one that might have been linked to civil disturbances or even armed conflicts or child labor cases, lab diamonds are the ideal alternative. These are created in optimal work environments, no human rights being violated. Because the origins are known, consumers feel more at-ease to purchase these synthetic stones. 

Sustainability and environmental-consciousness 

We live during times where you can no longer selfishly enjoy certain things in life, without acknowledging the environmental issues involved. As it was mentioned above, mining natural diamonds has a negative impact, using unreasonable high amounts of fossil fuels, and overall causing quite a lot of damage. Well, with lab diamonds, concerns are eased in this department. Synthetic stones cause little to no environmental damage. Getting your hands on a beautiful stone, without having to be conscious about it, and preventing yourself from contributing to environmental problems, is possible nowadays. Buying and wearing diamonds should come without any environmental “costs”. 

Equal quality with peace of mind

Those who hear about lab grown diamonds for the first time usually fear that they “might look fake”, or not rise up to the standards of natural gemstones. In reality, this synthetic alternative to mined diamonds has equal quality to diamonds that come from the earth. Both visually and chemically, man made diamonds are identical to mined stones. Since the growing process mocks what happens under the earth’s surface, these diamonds still contain imperfections and flaws — they are not perfect as some people may think. As a result, you are still able to purchase lab grown diamonds of varying levels of the 4 C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat. This is how you can tell a lab created diamond apart from other diamond alternatives, such as moissanite — which will have more of a ‘perfect’ look. 


Last but not least, the financial factor also needs to be mentioned here. Not that many people could afford purchasing a traditional stone, and considering the current disputes around mining, these gemstones will become even price over time. Lab grown stones, on the other hand, provide affordability, particularly when it comes to colored options. Traditional colored diamonds are very rare, so their prices are obviously highly inflated, whereas a lab grown colored diamond could cost just a fraction of the natural gemstone’s price. 

Wide variety of options

With a quick search on Google for lab diamonds, you’ll discover that there are quite a lot of purchase opportunities available. The number of laboratories growing diamonds has increased, so the variety of synthetic gemstones is naturally much more impressive, and new technologies are being adopted regularity to perfect processes. You have the possibility to inform yourself on the seller or lab, before deciding to get your diamonds from them, that means receiving a guarantee on what you are buying, and being 100 percent certain of their ethics. 

These are the main aspects that have driven so much interest to lab grown diamonds in recent years. This approach allows a conflict-free creation of jewelry, easing the increased controversy that has revolved around traditional “dirt diamonds”. The advantages are clear, and more diamond lovers are embracing this appealing trend lately. With environmental concerns causing worries on a global scale, you’ll be pleased to see that positive actions are being pursued in all industries, and lab grown diamonds are a clear example that great alternatives exist. 

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