Is texting undervalued in the communications industry?

In marketing, ‘more is more’ doesn’t apply- and this is especially true in the context of bulk text messaging. The overwhelming majority of clients presented with the image above would, at best, unsubscribe from your list… and at worst, share screenshots like the above to their social media and make your company a laughing stock.

Curate your content and send out messages with an appropriate variety, and most importantly, timed effectively. Checking your frequency holds a higher level of importance in your text message marketing campaign than any other platform. Since text messages are almost always read, oversaturation will result in opt-outs, bleeding your candidate pool dry. While oversaturization is never good in email marketing or other platforms, end-users tend to be significantly less aggravated with a weekly email with the ‘same old same’ than a text message with the ‘same old same.’ Understandably so- emails can be mass-deleted/archived, and a text message is a far more intrusive feeling to many clientele.

Customers are often seeking out the rules and regulations regarding text messaging campaigns, and businesses that fall out of compliance are writing their own death sentences in the information age where anyone can ‘know the rules.’ Even firms that are playing by the rules are the subject of mass blockings and carrier reports, and whether justified or not, it is worth your due diligence to avoid such a dilemma.

One of the most important things to implement is an easy and transparent way to opt-out. A failure to provide these instructions may provide an angered client with the leverage to go after you through their wireless carrier or the legal system.

An opt-in is equally as important. Unless provided or contained within a user agreement or other form of signup, your clients must voluntarily elect to receive text messages from you on a regular basis. These opt-ins can be extremely simple, requiring nothing more than a number and transparent agreement, but should contain the (seemingly obvious) fact you’re not responsible for their phone bill.

While it may be common sense that as a business owner you’re not responsible for the phone bills of your clients, sensitivity to this matter is certain to increase in the next decade. Pre-paid and pay-as-you-go services such as Ting are experiencing explosive growth. Contingent with this growth will be further sensitivity to text messages (opted-in or otherwise!) and reports of noncompliance from marketing professionals: warranted or not. With the growth of internet continuing, wireless hotspots are continuing to grow in speed, range, and frequency, only fostering a two-pronged effect on the market share of conventional wireless service providers- and the sensitivity of your text message campaign clients.

Imagine the most toxic relationship you’ve either witnessed (or, if you’re not so lucky, had to be a part of.) It’s certainly a fair guess that miscommunication was a factor, and text messaging provides the same opportunities for mistakes. If you are fail to condense your message into 160 characters or less, you are committing one of the first few cardinal sins discussed (oversaturation of your client with too many messages,) but in the struggle to condense a marketing message, you may make an even more devastating mistake: miscommunication.

Something as simple as an exclamation point can convey confusion, passion, or anger. The unfortunate reality you’re in for as a marketing specialist or business owner: throughout all of the aforementioned, and probably more, your clients will interpret all of those possibilities. It would thus behoove you to get the person on your team most well-versed in Twitter to give you a few pointers, lest you face the fate of those in a similar methodology.

Think of getting a text message: as soon as you see who it is from, you are either filled with joy or rage, and very rarely is their middle-ground. It is imperative that one cultivates a positive reaction from your clients when they see a text message from your business, as their entire vision of your company can be dramatically altered by this one channel.

Much like any other marketing methodology, text message marketing requires a calculated approach with a set of guidelines to protect your business. It is certainly arguable that the ramifications for failing to observe, or even be informed, of these regulations can spell a harsher fallout for your business than any other marketing platform. Many companies that conduct text message marketing outsource this area as their first marketing outsource, and understandably so: experts that know the rules of this niche can protect both your wallet and branding.

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