Is Devops Leveling the Playing Field for Startups?


A Devops World conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal last month. A couple of attendees were surprised to hear that so many business leaders are slow to adapt Devops technology for their company. 

Devops is a revolutionary technology that has touched countless industries over the past few years. Nevertheless, not all businesses are embracing Devops to its fullest extent. 

Resistance to Devops adoption is not unprecedented. Technological advances have been a driving force for business growth since the beginning of time. However, many business leaders are reluctant to Invest in new technology during its first inception. 

Companies are becoming more willing to invest in Devops technology like JFrog than they were when it was first invented.  A growing array of case studies shows that Devops can be essential to business growth. This is one of the reasons that the market for Devops is growing 24.7% a year. The ROI is fantastic for businesses that utilize it properly.

Making the Case for Devops in 2020

Key decision-makers need to make compelling arguments to dispel any skepticism their managers may have. Fortunately, there are a lot of statistics supporting the substantial ROI of this rapidly evolving technology. Some of the key benefits are listed below. 

Enhancing security 

Companies cannot afford to take security lightly in 2020. The outlooks for companies that failed to make security a priority are extremely ominous. One study found that 60% of companies that suffer a cybersecurity breach are forced into bankruptcy within six months. 

Devops technology has played a critical role in helping minimize security risks. These include breaking silos, improving consistency in security protocols across the organization and boosting the implementation of agile security deployment. 

However, these benefits will only be observed if security protocols are properly built into the Devops interface. A recent poll found that 60% of companies have not integrated these security features into their Devops, which has exposed them to unnecessary risks. 

Improving customer experience 

Too many companies have failed to make providing an excellent customer experience a top priority. This has adversely affected their bottom lines in recent years, as customers have raised their expectations for the companies they work with. 

Devops is making it a lot easier for companies to provide an excellent customer experience. One poll found that 70% of companies that utilized Devops technology observed a significant increase in customer experience reports within a couple of months. 

Substantial cost savings 

One of the absolute most important benefits of Devops technology is cost savings. This is one of the areas where the average developer might actually underestimate the benefits, but a business leader may consider it to be one of the biggest selling points. 

The cost savings for Devops can be huge. One company was able to reduce the costs for a single application by 97%

From the standpoint of a shrewd businessperson, cost reduction is actually more important than revenue maximization. Why is this the case? You need to consider two scenarios listed below: 

  • A company is able to increase its revenue by $300 
  • A similar company is able to reduce costs by $300 without hurting revenue 

An individual without a background in finance might think that both of these situations are comparable. However, the second is actually better. The reason is that increases in revenue come with increases in variable operating costs, such as cost of goods sold and labor. A company operating on a 5% profit margin can double its profits by only cutting costs 5%. They would need to double revenue to get the same result, which is far more difficult to attain. 

Companies are under constant pressure to cut costs. This is one of the biggest reasons they are starting to turn to Devops. 

Devops offers a number of cost saving opportunities. One of the biggest is automation. Devops enables companies to automate countless processes that would otherwise require extensive man hours. This helps them trim labor costs considerably. 

Some experts disagree with overemphasizing the cost saving benefits of Devops. However, the cost savings certainly should not be avoided, since they are among the biggest concerns for all decision makers.

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