InventHelp Gets Great Inventions from the Mind to the Market


There have been many incredible, even life-changing inventions to grace the world over the years. In fact, we live in a modern world that is built on the foundations that those inventions have laid down before us. We live in the digital age. Feats of great digitalisation and technological innovation surround us by every conceivable angle. This is the way of the modern world. Everyone wants to change the world, and because of that, the field has never been as competitive as it is right now. For those with creative ideas, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to know the competitive landscape well enough to get their invention from their mind to the market on their own. To get to that point, it’s fair to say that someone would nearly need to have an online medium performing a reading into the future, an IT guru, or spend months analysing competitor’s data before going live with their ideas. That is where companies like InventHelp come into play.

InventHelp is a company wholly dedicated to helping creative minds bring their inventions to the world. While at first glance it might seem like this is a company that sounds achingly familiar, it is anything but. InventHelp CEO Robert Susa knows the art of invention inside and out, and he created the business with one goal in mind: to do everything he could to help other keen inventors bring their ideas to the table, and them out into the market. The key to any great invention is not thinking of it in the first place, but having an edge for the invention that will set it apart in the market, fill a gap, or present a fresh solution to an age-old problem. So, you have the great invention. Why should you entrust it to InventHelp?

The advantage of helping you assess your invention from a fresh perspective

InventHelp takes a hard look at the invention in question with its inventor, and often this is the moment in time where hard questions are directed at the inventor and they begin to look at your invention with a fresh perspective, a new pair of eyes. It is not enough to simply have a good idea. It must be an invention that seeks to fill a gap somehow. There are already too many similar inventions in the world, and there is no sense creating something that has been done and seen a million times before. As CEO Robert Susa says, “maybe there aren’t any other products like yours on the market and you don’t have any competitors, but chances are, there are similar products…yours needs to be better, less expensive, or different in some other key aspect”. It is a notion that could not be truer.

The benefit of learning the industry along the way

It is easy to hand over a base concept to another party and hope to take credit for it later, should it prove to be successful. However, that is not how victories are won, or how inventions successfully make it to the market. For an invention like the Bitcoin Revolution app to be truly, overwhelmingly successful, the inventor themselves must be hands on with the process from point A (the concept in their mind) to point B (the finished product on the market). Rather than take the entire process out of their hands, InventHelp works with them every step of the way. In this way, the inventor is learning the ropes of the market and the industry they hope to stun, as well as having professional help to guide them through when it becomes a struggle. InventHelp is there to guide, not to override, and this is invaluable in such an important experience.

Why InventHelp stands confidently above the rest

The overarching advantage with InventHelp, the trait that definitively sets it apart from its competitors, is that it never promises success. Any business can promise you the world on a platter, but the key difference with InventHelp is that it promises to help you have the best possible chance to successfully bring your invention to the market. Rather than making baseless promises right off the bat, InventHelp can work with the inventor as well as referring them to an independent licensed patent attorney. The advantage this offers is that they can carry out a preliminary patent search and opinion. Based on the given opinion, the attorney may possibly then help the inventor to prepare and then file a US patent application for the concept. InventHelp promises dedication and the best chance, they never promise success. As it should be, that part of the process, is in the hands of the inventor.

Working with an industry leader to drive promise

InventHelp is the best company to help inventors persevere through the time-consuming process of taking a concept and turning it into a solution, because they work in collaboration with the inventor, without promising the world. One should always be wary of a company that makes big promises before any work is done. InventHelp does the complete opposite, making no concrete promises in the way of success, and simply aiming to put inventors in the best possible position to launch into the market. In this way, inventors can be sure that the company they are working with his on their side every step of the way, rather than a business set to just take their payment and leave the person high and dry.

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