In Pursuit of Others’ Happiness: David Michigan believes success follows happiness

It is a selfish world. Ferociously focused on their own needs, success and happiness, few will pause to lend a hand. Yet, philosophers show a different truth. The Dalai Lama, for instance, said, “Genuine happiness comes from focusing on the happiness of others.”

If this is true, David Michigan is one of the fortunate few, being genuinely happy all the time. The reason is, his life’s focus is the well-being and happiness of others. He describes himself as an “Online Personal Trainer,” delivering compelling motivational talks for online audiences.

Of Native American descent, and born on February 11, 1989, in the romantic city of Paris, in France, Michigan has captured the world not merely through his smoldering look goods and well-toned body, but through of his eloquence, and his persistence and confidence as a fitness trainer. Then again, he is a fitness coach with a difference. He believes in a holistic approach to good health, tending to the body as well as strengthening the mind. In fact, he believes in the concept of mind over matter – that the mind rules over everything from building muscles to losing weight and being happy. Visualization, he believes, is the key. “Focus on what you really want in your life.” he says. He appears to have faith in the Aesopian adage, “Self-help is the best help.” Self-hypnosis is an important component of his training, helping people overcome fears, instilling determination to achieve their inner dreams with the ultimate goal of true happiness.

Michigan understands the basic human need to feel beautiful and to have a shapely body that draws gazes of admiration. In other words, to have the body of your dreams. Reality could not be more contrary. Today, over 2.2 billion people in the world are overweight or obese, representing about 30% of all people living on the earth. According to a recent Newsweek article, Saudi Arabia tops the world’s fattest countries, followed by Egypt and the US. The U.S. tops the rate of childhood obesity, with 12.7% of children classified as obese.

Michigan guides and instructs his followers on burning fat, losing weight, and gaining muscle. For instance, in one Facebook article, he gives 5 tips to lose weight fast. He advises to limit intake of carbohydrates, to drink more green tea and coffee, avoid fructose, to perform exercise and cardio while fasting and to follow a healthy diet. This kind of health information is nothing new. It has been out there for decades, and regular people cannot plead ignorance of its existence. They simply chose to ignore the facts. However, as Michigan speaks on social media, providing details and photographs on Facebook and Instagram, people are pausing to read and digest the information. The magic appears to be in the delivery.

Michigan, a product of the age of technology, uses social media to address his target audiences. He has over 4 million followers combined on Facebook and Instagram. His advice is gentle, yet firm and persuasive. What is appealing is his simplicity and genuine desire to make people happier. For instance, speaking on the instructional web site, on “Getting Abs Fast,” he says, “You do not need to hire me personally (at a high cost) to show you the secrets you will discover. Everything you need is explained very precisely in this program, in detail, step by step, and I take 100% of the risks and consequences to the fitness industry and other sports “gurus” who want to make a large number of dependent people by leaving them always waiting. Nothing will be hidden from you here.” He specifies his target audience for the program as men and women all ages who want to lose fat, who want abs or a flat stomach, those who wrap abdominal straps to stay young, and busy people unable to take time to visit the Gym.

Michigan is ruthless in his ability to cut to the chase, which is probably his greatest attraction. He strips pretense and bares the truth. People have to notice when faced with their secret desires. Also, what he says is based on scientific evidence. So he is able to hold his own and speak with intellectual audiences in colleges too. Testimonials from regular people are outpourings from their hearts about the difference he has made in their lives. A smoke addict was cured of addiction after one hypnosis session with Michigan. She says, “Today I feel like I have never been a smoker…”

Michigan’s well-toned body that is every man’s dream to have, speaks of a person who walks the talk. It is no surprise that he is a popular international model. His ability to help boost confidence and calm fears has spilled on to the modeling world as well. He has become a global consultant to modeling agencies and modeling competitions. His dark good looks have been enhanced by the fact that his body displays one of the best tattoos in the world. Anton & Jenia Zvir, tattoo experts and owners of the Tattoo Art Club in Marseille, France, worked on him over 5 days, taking 130 hours to create an intricate tattoo on his skin. He is a prominent figure among organizers of the upcoming Miss Tattoo World 2018 in Paris, France.

David Michigan has answered his life’s calling, helping people enjoy happiness and making elusive dreams come true. He is consistently happy because of his perspective on life. He says, “Wherever you are on your journey, just love it. Because your golden area is the present moment.”

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