Improving group transportation in American schools


As a teacher, there sometimes comes a point where it falls on your shoulders to organise student group transportation for school-related events. If or when this time comes, it is important to have an approach in mind for how you plan to go about organising the student group transportation. When it comes time to rent a school bus or a ride-share vehicle for an upcoming class trip, there are many contributing factors to consider. Each of these facts are important to pay attention to for their own reasons, but ultimately what it truly comes down to is ensuring that your student group gets from point A to point B as efficiently and safely as possible. Typically, there are two mainstream options when it comes to organising group transportation for students for school events. Which approach you decide on at the end of the day depends entirely on the circumstances of the day and what needs the students have for the journey and for their comfort along that journey. Different situations call for different considerations, so it is important to stay on top of all the contributing factors so that you can make the most informed and therefore appropriate decision.

If the group is considerably small (six or less individuals, for instance), then a ride-share vehicle is the perfect choice if you are not travelling too far. If the student group is made up of twenty or so students, on the other hand, and is travelling quite a distance, then a school bus with a bathroom is the perfect choice. Obviously, getting the number of students who will be boarding the transportation is paramount. If you get a mode of transportation that is either too big or too small to comfortably and legally transport all the students who will be getting into the vehicle, then that obviously presents a real problem to be dealt with. So, first and foremost, getting the right number of students who will be boarding the organised transport is crucial to the organisation process going as smoothly as it possibly can. Overlooking this important element can prove to be make or break down the track if the day starts to go awry.

Once you have organised this and double checked your noted head count, then it comes time to organising which type of transport you want to book for the trip. Understanding the head count necessity is a fantastic start, but that is indeed just the start of the whole process. Having an emergency protocol in place, and a transportation vehicle that meets or even exceeds that organised protocol, is of the utmost importance. Being in charge of travelling student groups is enough of a task as it is, let alone having to scramble if an emergency occurs and you cannot seem to remember which way is which, where the students are supposed to be, and what is supposed to happen in the event of an emergency. This is one of the key parts of the process that is strangely so often overlooked, but that does not make it any less important than any other part of organising student group transportation.

When it comes down to it, travelling with groups of students can be enough of a challenge, let alone doing so if said students are hungry or otherwise uncomfortable. So, consider the creature comforts that you want to have on board the chosen mode of transportation. Are you travelling a long distance? Then a bus with a toilet at the back is the most appropriate form of transport to get your students from point A to point B cleanly and safely. Additionally, having foods that any student aboard the transportation is allergic too is obviously a big no-no, so ensure that you have an up-to-date list of the allergies of each student in the vehicle, as well as a permission slip to take them in the vehicle to begin with. All these contributing factors are of equal importance, and they all have their role to play in just how adequate (in every sense of the word) the chosen modern of student group transportation is.

If you are a teacher, there may come a time where you are effectively put in charge of organising student group transportation for a school-related event. If you have never taken on this job before, it can sometimes be daunting to approach from the onset. There are various contributing factors that all impact the process of organising solid student group transportation, and each of them are important for their own reasons. From headcount to estimated distance of the journey, and every aspect in between and beyond, getting these details right can and often does make all the difference to how smoothly the organisation process and the day for travel goes.

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