How You Can Optimize Your Wellness With Functionally Targeted Probiotics

At this point, when the world is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing could be more comforting than knowing that you have every opportunity to work on your wellness. Based on the fact that the virus attacks your immune system and that approximately 80% of our immune cells exist in the gut, you should not allow any chance of fortifying your immunity to go unutilized.

While the WHO has always wanted us to understand that COVID-19 is not a death sentence, what we are getting from experts in the field is frightening. Medical practitioners have revealed that an increase in inflammation of and damage to the heart muscle in Covid-19 patients is a very possible outcome.

According to one study, it was discovered that out of every 416 hospitalized Covid-19 patients, 19% showed signs of heart damage. As if this is not serious enough, there was this other study from Wuhan which revealed that 12% of COVID-19 patients showed signs of cardiovascular damage.

This can be added to other reports that have strongly indicated cases of myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle that can cause scarring, and heart failure in COVID-19 patients. How do we handle the warning by physicians that people who survive the Covid-19 attack may eventually have to go through long-lasting cardiac damage and cardiovascular problems, which could increase the risk of heart attack and stroke?

There is also the issue of the possible worsening of existing heart problems. The bottom line of the COVID-19 attack is that once the functioning of your lungs has been impaired there is a very high probability of a negative impact on other organs such as the heart, kidneys, and brain, which may be significant enough to cause concern even after recovering from the actual infection.

Why probiotics?

A lot of research has pointed out the importance of the gut microbiome, the relationship to health maintenance, and links with various disease states affecting humans. This range from metabolic to mental health and has been seriously emphasized upon in the last few years.

The food and pharmaceutical industries are not left out in the race to have a positive modulation of microbiome functionality associated with these disorders. They are not leaving any stone unturned in the attempt to innovate and provide therapeutic solutions to many of the health issues that affect us today. One important strategy everybody is gloating over is the use of probiotics as nutritional adjunct therapies.

Probiotics are a good form of therapy to keep those harmful, gut microorganisms in check, they also aid digestion as well as help nutrient absorption. The biggest takeaway, however, is that they overwhelmingly contribute to your immune function.

In optimizing your wellness, you may need to go for personalized probiotics that will help in modulating your autoimmunity so you can remove the frequency and severity of flare-ups. These are functionally targeted probiotics that you need to counter chronic illness affecting approximately 45%, or 133 million of all Americans even before the current problem of COVID-19.

You should understand that your pain, your problems, your symptoms are more than just a statistic. That is why you need to use natural means which probiotics offer to functionally target the root cause so you can feel your greatest.

Just a few years back, bacteria in and on our body was considered medically as our enemies and outright invaders. They were thought to portend grave danger to the well-being of individuals with the potential of causing infection and other problems.

Every effort was geared at how to eradicate this source of concern and this was seriously pursued with disinfectants and antibiotics. Scientific works and researches have, however, shown that there is a symbiotic relationship between us and these microbes cohabiting with us that should be immensely utilized.

This does not in any way negate the fact that some bacteria can cause disease, the important point is that probiotics can be beneficial roles to your health. It’s important to point out the fact that you cannot afford to dabble into the use of probiotics especially those that come as supplements simply because you have now got to know that they are beneficial to your body.

Before embarking on the use of probiotics supplements, you must seek professional advice from a certified nutrition coach and ensure that proper analysis is carried out on your gut bacteria because it has the biggest impact on optimizing your health and wellness. While there are a lot of brands that are into the probiotics field, seek out for one that can carry out your microbiome analysis in a laboratory that is certified to meet ISO standards.

As what you are seeking is to optimize your wellness with functionally targeted probiotics, it means that your demographic and psychographic information must be used to arrive at personalized probiotics. Hence, you must certify the authenticity of the brand.

An attempt to optimize your wellness and immunity must not end up in jeopardizing your privacy. Ensure the confidentiality of your data and your results.

Your service provider must be able to separate your personally identifiable information (PII) from protected health information (PHI).

The use of multiple layers of encryption and access protection should be enshrined. The reason for all these steps is that you as an individual, have a unique set of gut microbes, and to effectively optimize your wellness, your data is vital.

The microbial composition of your body revolves around factors that are peculiar to you such as diet, age, lifestyle, ethnicity, and host health, among others. The field of probiotics still needs to be adequately explored for us to reap the potential benefits inherent in probiotics.

However, there is ample proof that the optimization of your wellness is on good stead with functionally targeted probiotics.

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