How PTPioneer’s Tyler Read Is Giving PTs Everywhere a Leg Up


The health and fitness industry is one of the strongest and most consistently performing industries in the world. This is an industry that is quite literally built around the very notion of prioritising your health and wellbeing. There are so many distinct advantages to taking adequate and consistent care of yourself, and the health and fitness industry is all about allowing and empowering individuals around the globe to do just that. There have been countless health and fitness companies that have come out of the works over the years, each of them claiming to be the next best (and hopefully the last best) thing. However, most of them are wrong. But not Tyler Read, founder of the personal training career website, PT Pioneer. PT Pioneer is an emerging health and fitness company with a unique angle. Rather than focusing on the client side of personal training, Read’s resources are geared towards focusing on the individuals looking to become a personal trainer themselves.

Read is a man who has an exceptionally strong background in health and fitness. In fact, his whole life he has played every sport he possibly could, prioritising his health and wellbeing actively and consistently. When he got older, it became abundantly clear that he wanted to turn his passion into a thriving career. Read successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Wanting to further his theoretical knowledge of the field, he continued to study, going on to get his NASM certification, NASM PES (Performance Exercise Specialist) certification, NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) certification and finally his AND CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certification. For over 10 years Read worked as a personal trainer. He loved his job. Helping people become their best selves was (and still is) his passion. And he knew it could get even better.

It was not long at all before, armed to the nines with his wealth of knowledge and experience in health and fitness, Read decided to take that knowledge and use it to kickstart what is today PTPioneer. The advantages and benefits of not only having multiple qualifications in health and fitness but also having experience working in the field have given Read an especially strong grasp on the industry and what it lacks. The goal of starting PT Pioneer was always to give aspiring personal trainers a literal leg up. That is, to give them the information, material, and tools to become a personal trainer themselves and to do so in the best way possible. Having long held an incredibly deep passion for health and fitness, Read seemed to be going from strength to strength (and he was). Today, more and more personal trainers (both aspiring PTs and to-be PTs alike) are flocking to his business model, being made increasingly aware of the phenomenal value in it.

Read has successfully created a health and fitness success story with a twist. In finding a gap in the market and creating a business that caters to that market specifically, Read has essentially ensured that he is not only building on his own career but giving others with the same passion as himself the means and the opportunity to make a career for themselves doing what they love. Perhaps most valuable of all, Read gives up-to-date reviews of all the certifications that he has done as well as ones that he knows an in-depth amount about from research and the like. Given the ever-important roles that health and wellbeing play in any given individual’s lifestyle and overall quality of life, it ought to come as no surprise that a business model within the health and fitness industry that is built from the mind of a professional with experience and in depth knowledge, is priceless.

PT Pioneer is just getting started. A health and fitness business that is on the rise, there is a whole lot more where this came from. Read is constantly working on the website and developing more content and input for his clients so that, together, they can create a stronger and more capable health and fitness industry not just momentarily but well into the future and beyond. Read has successfully turned his biggest passion into a thriving career. Now, he is taking active and consistent steps to essentially give that chance to others. This is a business model that is worth taking notice of and it is a business model to be proud of. All in all, Read has created a personal training business within the health and fitness industry that is all about doing all the work (and then some) and doing it right. PT Pioneer is an incredible business model – and it is just getting started. The best is yet to come, thanks to Tyler Read.

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