How Karthikeyan Chinnusamy has Contributed to the Ever-changing Information Tech Industry


Karthikeyan Chinnusamy – Data Architect and Senior Principal at Veritas

Information tech has developed in a multitude of ways over the past twenty years. As storing data has become essential for businesses in a number of industries, it makes sense that the leaders in information tech have become successful by teaching IT companies to secure their data. This is only likely to continue over the next few years, and much of the industry’s prominence can be attributed to Karthikeyan Chinnusamy of Veritas Technologies.

Chinnusamy has worked with a number of businesses as a senior analyst over several decades in order to build the expert advice needed to thrive in today’s technology-driven world. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Engineering from the University of Madras, Chinnusamy showed an early interest in advanced computing and how tech was shaping computer systems. He soon went on to earn a Master’s in Engineering and Applied Electronics from Madurai Kamaraj University, where he mentored a new wave of engineers interested in data science.

After contributing to the TIFAC-CORE(Center for Relevance and Excellence) in the advanced information processing and image processing research activities, he turned toward more complex performance enhancements in analytical platforms. Thus aiding  companies to have a better idea of who was visiting their websites and for what reason, which created a new opportunity to capitalize on their financing, CRM, and licensing.

“I specialize in customer experience transformation, cross-functional collaboration, product and project management, strategy development, architecture establishment, new technological solutions, data architecture, data governance, and data quality,” says Chinnusamy.

This wide range offers almost complete control over how a business functions and its relationship with technology. He has dealt with numerous projects that concern large corporations and their data, including Bank of America, T-Mobile, Nationwide, and many more. He helped design, develop, and successfully deliver eCommerce analytical capabilities like Dynamic Content Management, Merchandising and Pricing Management, extensive global payments processing, trade compliance, fraud management, Search Engine Optimization, A/B Testing in order to aid a $1.7 B business with 50+ million consumers while working in Symantec. This platform is current in over 200+ countries with usability in over 20 different languages. He has also contributed to device and web analytics, redesigning of data platform with Teradata MPP, and Big Data solutions that led to business and data-driven decisions.

After the separation of Veritas from Symantec, he continued his efforts to deliver best support for the customers. He was involved in identifying, recommending, and remediating data quality and solutions within finance, CRM, master-data systems by working with cross-functional teams. In this effort, he has worked with Dun & Bradstreet, Informatica, PWC, Deloitte teams. This in turn resulted in better customer satisfaction for Veritas Fortune 500 companies and public sector customers. He played a key role in implementing GDPR compliance as part of the Veritas data security and governance effort. Chinnusamy’s work in quote consolidation, territory management, customer 360 initiatives resulted in better customer experience for Veritas clients globally.

Not only does it help these businesses looking for data security, but it also creates a safer environment for customers to give away personal information such as credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and more. As hacks become more and more commonplace, having experts on hand to assure that private data is well organized can make all the difference in ensuring that clients are satisfied.

Over the past few years, multiple companies have experienced hacks. This does not just include small companies—Yahoo was hacked in 2013 and over 3 billion accounts were compromised. While data security might seem bleak because of the amount of cases that occur each year, there is some reason for hope with firms like Veritas.

Chinnusamy understands the sensitivity of handling personal information, especially patient and physician information. While he was consulting for Genentech he was instrumental in Genentech products regarding Primary Care-Roche Integration Project and Case management where Chinnusamy and team migrated Legacy and Siebel CRM data to Salesforce CRM by integrating with Siperian MDM. This resulted in product and customer consolidation and enabled mobility on-the-go solutions for Genentech global sales team. Additionally, he was part of the Thought Leader – 81QD which stores Physician, Organization geographic information from the external iMAP source files for the following Cancer types: Oncology, Pancreatic, Breast, Lung and Colorectal for the ease of data analysis while maintaining proper security protocols.

“There are a lot of new things coming out that will ensure the security and safety of all the big companies that use Veritas,” he comments. “When a company needs you then you need to be ready to perform at more than one-hundred percent.”

A data breach cannot only cause problems with client trust. It can also end up costing these large companies millions of dollars. This is a major reason why Veritas has become a popular option to avoid hacks. With a full array of services, Veritas takes extra care to help prevent hacks as well as to repair companies that have had issues with hackers in the past. Veritas can help big businesses at every stage of data development and storage, which provides a comprehensive guide toward keeping the clients’ information safe.

After separating from their parent company, Veritas decided to expand its basic product to focus more on client security. This led toward developing more better data integration and block chain processes. It turns out that was exactly what businesses were looking for as data storage became more a part of these company’s success. Veritas could provide back-ups that would eventually lead to a better customer experience.

Chinnusamy also recognizes that there are likely to be future challenges within the data security industry. As hackers become smarter, that also means keeping up with creating systems that can keep outsiders from gaining information. This means constantly developing new technology in order to make sure that companies continue to provide quality service to their clients.

He also believes it is important to give back to local communities in order to foster trust. Chinnusamy volunteers at the San Francisco chapter of the Data Management Association as Program Director. He was awarded the ACM Senior Member in 2013, and he reviews grants in order to develop new technologies to help people around the world. His efforts have assisted underdeveloped areas in India and have encouraged schooling for future engineers.


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