How IoT Smart Tech Is Reinventing the Global Hotel Industry

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IoT (Internet of Things) is without a doubt one of the most exciting and even life changing feats of technological advancement to happen to the world to date. Defined as “The Internet of things is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction”, IoT is all about ensuring that convenience meets efficiency in an all-new approach to innovation and exhilaration. Often hailed as “the biggest, most sophisticated piece of equipment that we have deployed across the planet – ever”, the Internet of Things is reshaping life as we know it from the ground up. In the hotel industry, this sophisticated piece of technology is changing the entire industry from the inside out in all the best ways. To start with IoT energy management systems have allowed hotel managers and building maintenance managers see a significantly faster return on their investment with greater control and transparency on the whole process. The biggest impact has been on cutting down on manual checks in their maintenance regime and greater automation.

In an exceedingly data-driven world, IoT has well and truly built its reputation from the ground up in what can only be described as one of the most impressive ongoing tech-driven evolutions to date. From the seemingly small and undeniably intricate bottom line, to the overwhelmingly large and somewhat challenging exterior, IoT is powerful from the head to the toes, and that reality is not going to cease anytime soon – if it ever does, that is. IoT is all about creating a collaborative framework for devices, programs, and systems so that they can run more efficiently both in themselves and in alignment with one another. For the hotel industry, this core goal of IoT has resonated exceptionally well, proving to be more than anything a powerplay that ultimately could not be ignored or unacknowledged any longer.

IoT implementation in the hotel industry

IoT is changing everything in the hotel industry from the ground up, revolutionising it and rebuilding it to be better than ever. More than anything else, the underlying goal here is to ensure that hotels are functioning and thriving on a framework that is more easily accessible and utilised than ever when it needs to be (not to mention without much – if any – lag). Prior to the introduction and ongoing implementation of IoT in the hotel industry, it was a much different landscape where the key devices, processes, and systems all functioned relatively well on their own but not so well as a collective. The aim of the game in IoT is always to take a somewhat fractured structure and fill in the gaps, working from the ground up to make the entire structure significantly stronger. 

Connected energy management systems and devices are all about putting the power back in the hands of the companies or individuals who implemented them in the first place. It can be and often is quite a task but it is a task that is all about giving power back to the hotels in ways that allow those hotels to work more effectively and more openly across the board. Hotels function and thrive at their best when all their processes, systems, and operations are functioning and positively thriving too, and the same goes for IoT implementation in the hotel industry. For the hotel industry, this means taking the active and consistent steps to ensure that all IoT software can be implemented and utilised in a healthy way on an ongoing basis. Without having first done this work, there is no way to definitively ensure either way that IoT systems and the like are going to do their work in the first place, much less on an ongoing basis. 

IoT is powerful but it must be handled appropriately for anyone hoping to use it to their advantage, to have success in doing so. IoT creates a landscape that works specifically towards making the online landscape of any given applicant smoother and more efficient across the board. So, it stands to reason that an industry as influential and overwhelmingly consistent as the hotel industry would stand to benefit so much from implementing IoT into its midst. IoT has proven its value time and again, and it continues to do so even today. It likely (if not certainly) will continue to do so going into the future. Around the globe IoT is revolutionising the world in multiple ways and across varying industries – and then some. 

In the hotel industry, IoT is essentially breaking down the processes and systems of the hotel industry and building them up better and bolder than ever. It has obviously taken quite some time to get to this point, but it is time that has been well spent from the onset. The modern hotel industry is more capable and more enjoyable for all parties today, than it has ever been. A massive part of the reason why that is centres around the fact that IoT has given a new lease on life to the hotel industry. This feat has been achieved through automation and heightened access to the functioning components of hotels everywhere. Welcome to the new era in hotel management; your manager is IoT.


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