How Cannabidiol (CBD) Tinctures Can Help College Students With Common Problems They Face


Cannabidiol tinctures and oil have been on the rise, along with mental health awareness. People are beginning to take note of their mental health and are taking steps to strengthen it. Must like keeping your body hydrated so it can stay healthy, cannabidiol is able to treat one’s mental health and keep it nourished so it keeps running smoothly. As college students, we face high levels of stress – especially since we are just now learning to cope independently away from our family. Not only are we expected to thrive in a whole new environment, we’re expected to adult right after graduation, with no prior experience or lessons. 

The discovery of CBD and its ability to alleviate stress and anxiety is a god-send to students who are unable to cope with their new lives. Having to juggle between taking care of oneself (which is a lot harder when you can only depend on yourself) and making sure your academic performance is meeting your standards can be especially tough on those who have always depended on their parents and friends. University is tough and you will not feel more alone than in those first few months. 

It would be beneficial to seek the help of a counsellor to set yourself on the right path but a counsellor but students can also self medicate with CBD, especially for those who are interested in a holistic or non-pharmaceutical approach. With the effects being so similar to those of antidepressants or anti-anxiety pills, many depressed or anxious individuals have taken to the substance and decreased the side-effects of their medication by lowering their dose or in some cases, dropping medicinal drugs entirely. This goes to show how effective CBD is and everyone, not only students, can benefit from it. 

Users of CBD oil and tinctures have reported an increased sense of well-being and also helps them focus. A student who is unable to focus is a student in trouble. The oil can aid concentration and help students focus on the tasks at hand instead of procrastinating. Another academic benefit that CBD oil has is that it can help overcome test anxiety. 

Where some people might feel slightly nervous before a big test, those suffering from test anxiety is debilitated and leave the student unable to function. CBD can help with calming down nerves and mitigating situational anxiety. 

Situational anxiety is not the only anxiety CBD can help with. Social anxiety is another thing that college students often struggle with. While you might thrive at parties, you might find yourself frozen while attempting to present your assignment to your class. While CBD will not be able to cure you of stage fright, it can increase the anandamide in your brain which can keep your mental state balanced. 

Students who find themselves hounded by insomnia due to irregular sleep patterns can also turn to CBD for a quick fix. With the calming properties in the substance, the users will be able to wind down their overstimulated brains and have a restful sleep. Sleep is something that college students seem to neglect the most, and science has proven that sleep deprivation is detrimental to our health. It can even affect your neurological patterns permanently. Therefore, there are CBD users who use tinctures to restore their sleep cycles and college students can benefit from it too. 

Other health benefits that CBD boasts are being a nutrient-rich supplement. While it will not be able to replace a well-balanced diet, taking CBD oil or not might be the fine line between falling ill or staying healthy. Furthermore, since CBD oil helps the mind recover and maintains a healthy state of mind, the users might be more prone to taking care of themselves rather than letting their health and fitness get out of hand, which means hitting the gym in their free time. 

Now when one overexerts themselves at the gym, they might find themselves aching everywhere – CBD oil can help there as well. Applied topically it can help with muscle tightness or inflammation. Since the substance is known to be pain-killing, the user will feel relief when using it. With so many products on the market, students should make sure they do their research and not spend their limited funds on fake or low-quality products. Given that the market is largely unregulated, it is very important to purchase them from reputable sources. Also, with so many products on the market it might be hard to decide what is the right product for you without prior research. Tinctures are said to be more potent than their alcohol-free counterpart: cbd oil, which is more suitable for those who are sensitive to alcohol. They should be taken after meals or with nuts – or any food that has high fat content – as this can increase absorption. Cbd oil drops are also more effective than creams when applied topically.

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