Health concerns regarding personal safety in public


Too often, people find themselves in scary, uncertain places physically, mentally, or emotionally. We are not always prepared for the unexpected, and our grip on our health can begin to slip, causing us to tip precariously towards the diving board into disaster. It sounds like a dramatized concept, but the reality is that this is exactly what health and personal safety issues can look like. However, they do not always come to fruition from expected circumstances or places. While health and personal safety are often discussed in terms of workplace health and safety, the practice of actively engaging in health and safety processes should be at the forefront of the time at all times, even when one may least expect it to be. Health and personal safety extends to the roads as well. In fact, when one considers just how switched on and focused one must be to operate a vehicle in motion (or at all), it could be easy to say that health and personal safety are most important when in a vehicle.

Whenever possible, we must be aware of and responsible for the health and personal safety of ourselves, and (when possible) those around us. Unfortunately, however, there are some circumstances that one can never completely prepare themselves for. Car accidents are one of them. In a perfect world, no one would ever be in a car accident and therefore never must enlist in the help of a legal professional. As it stands, however, there are those that must make the dreaded calls around to find a trusted, accredited car accident lawyer. Quite often, legal representation is absolutely necessary for individuals in vehicle accidents, particularly if they are deemed to be the individual responsible for the accident – either personally or because they were operating the vehicle that went “rogue” at the time. Legal proceedings surrounding such issues can be lengthy and require a lot of time, patience, understanding, and dedication to the case. After a car accident, this is not always a possibility for some people.

Regardless of if an accident is the legal fault of an individual behind the wheel, or the car itself (through malfunction, or as one of the new ‘semi-autonomous’ vehicles behind developed and trailed currently), the consequences of a car accident are often devastating, and always incredibly stressful and worrisome. Individuals can lose perception of their mental and emotional stability, as well as suffer physical consequences that render them partially or entirely unable to take care of their own health and personal safety. Losing control of one’s health and personal safety can be incredibly challenging, and can be particularly damaging to a person’s psyche. Taking care of one’s overall health relies on being able to take care of their mental and emotional health as well as their physical health – a person that functions entirely efficiently is one that has complete and total control over their health in all capacities. An overtly healthy human being thrives on the genuine health of their body, mind, and spirit. Car accidents are known to impact all three aspects of one’s health, depending on the accident and consequences surrounding it.

The basics of driving centre around the driver having full control over their own body and mind, being able to clearly and concisely steer the car in the desired direction, while simultaneously manoeuvring and navigating the environment around them. The concept itself is quite simple, but the action itself is not always as straightforward as it may seem. Any number of probabilities and possibilities could arise at any given moment when in a vehicle, and an individual only has control of the probabilities and possibilities that could ensue as a result of their own actions (if they are even the driver, that is. If they are a passenger, they are entirely and solely an innocent bystander). The bottom line is that health and personal safety should be an utmost priority for everyone, anywhere, and at any given time – including when an individual is in a car.

Health and personal safety is one of the most important, unrelenting concepts that a person can grapple with. As some people enjoy having a balanced perception and understanding of their own physical, mental, and emotional health, others have a very fractured understand of theirs. Even the most adjusted person on the planet can find themselves in unexpected circumstances. Car accidents are just one of the many instances in which health and personal safety barriers can be entirely thrown into chaos. In situations of unrest or unexpected panic, it can be incredibly easy to lose sight of one’s health and personal safety, as well as that of those around them. The best any of us can do is ensure that we are catering to all aspects of our health consistently, and listening to our bodies and our minds when we need some help to get things right.

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