Effective negotiation starts with a higher understanding of business theory and practice


Business deals are a necessary part of the industry. It’s important for businessmen and women to understand the proper importance of how to negotiate within varying settings and cultures. The way business works effectively is by creating a way to make profits that will prove to be successful. Business strategies are compiled of groups of people specializing in varying areas of communication, finance, accounting, economics, software development, and many more. A successful business will have diversified teams that work together to create top models of extemporary companies. These teams will create, strategize, and implement their work into their career to cultivate profits and a consumer following.

Often, in order to have a thriving business, it’s important to first understand the communication models within the business itself. The first way a business is going to be financially successful is by starting out with a business loan from a bank, or investors. An investor becomes a financial asset, stockholder, and stakeholder in company decisions depending on the legal contracted terms during the time of investment. In order to get an investor, one must have the ability to understand business communication and the scope of investing. An investor actually invests their money into a company, so they need to know their monetary assets are safe to grow and not be lost. To show the investor how their money will grow from the company, they often will want to see a business proposal that outlines a five year growth plan with little financial loss projection for the first year. Being able to provide quarterly rates and an analysis to the investor will provide transparency in the relationship and build good connections going forward. An investor within a company should be able to build trust and have that trust continue to grow stronger throughout the business relationship. In the event an investor becomes very trustworthy, they may offer to invest in new company ideas or equipment that will prove to have long-term benefits.


One of the first ways to be an effective negotiator is to listen. Having listening skills is imperative to any life task, but is crucial in a professional environment. It’s also important to always come prepared to a business negotiation meeting with questions and possible answers to questions. Preparedness comes with a thorough understanding of what may be expected during the meeting. It is a good idea to understand the background of the person that one is choosing to negotiate with. Although not all negotiations are domestic, it’s always important to keep a professional attitude and demeanor when entering any business situation. Becoming too relaxed or showing unprofessionalism can send negative communication skills to others and seem as if the business deal or even the company one works for doesn’t matter to them. It is a good idea to understand what both parties are going to gain from the negotiation to understand how to better navigate the communication during the conference.

An imperative understanding to business communication and negotiations is that one brings a prepared written document that is possible drafted by lawyers to provide a legal scope of what is expected. This demonstrates professionalism and a confident attitude to the other party. As with all negotiations, there is the possible chance that the deal will not go in favor of either party. This is a good time to remember preparedness and understand that that sometimes it’s necessary to walk away from these types of situations and be positive not to sell someone short.


In the event a negotiation doesn’t work, it’s not necessarily the end of the world. It just means it’s time to seriously consider alternatives to the situation. It’s always important to go into a negotiation never accepting the first offer on both sides of the agreement. Accepting the first offer more of a compromise than a negotiation. It’s important that companies also prepare some kind of letter of intent to highlight the key terms of negotiation. This is separate from any legal documents that might surface during the discussion.


The most important aspect of making sure a business negotiation goes positively is making sure that the communication is clear, direct, and professional. It’s crucial to the success of a business deal that both parties cultivate a thorough understanding of how the other one conducts business practice, especially in varying cultures. When doing international negotiations, this rule can be especially true. Multicultural business communication is imperative to such a lucrative industry. Business practices vary across nations. What is okay in one culture isn’t always okay in another. For example, in some eastern countries, a business card is as thorough and important as a resume in western countries and for this reason, it’s important that a westerner know to lay it on the table in front of them during a meal or meeting. If simple detailed tasks are not followed during a negotiating, then things could go poorly and a negative outcome may arise. If an individual is concerned about the business deal, taking negotiation courses can help. Having awareness for situations will prove effective for positive situational outcomes.

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