Ecommerce Has Opened up New Business Opportunities in the Developing World


Traditional brick and mortar commercial centers and retail are slowly being replaced by digital technology. While there are certain facets of having a real-life store that cannot be simulated online such as being able to touch the fabric of a blouse or trying it on for that matter, with the increasingly effective logistics which has made returning products much easier and affordable, not being able to try something before buying is no longer a large cause for concern.

The convenience of online shopping has made consumers turn their attention online. Looking for a particular style of a dress may take months and tremendous effort. However, technology has developed to the point whereby you can search with a snapshot. Simply taking a picture of what you like (or a screenshot) and entering it into the search engine will pull up results of a similar, if not identical product. This is an extremely useful and attractive feature. 

App developers are currently in demand thanks to these developments in the digital world where their skills are invaluable to entrepreneurs who are taking this opportunity to expand and push the boundaries of their ideas. Technology-driven careers are taking the forefront and eCommerce has opened new tech-related positions in companies. The rise of digital has done wonders to our economy and will continue to inspire change across the board. 

A few years ago, it didn’t matter if your business had a crappy website that doesn’t load quickly or have a seamless design across multiple devices. Today, however, it is more than recommended to utilize website builders in order to help you design a website that is cohesive, effective, attractive – along with hundreds of other must-have eCommerce features engineered to help your business succeed.

Websites are the shopfront of a business, and with everyone on all kinds of devices, it is imperative that your website can be loaded well on all of them. The resolutions and design should fit the device like a glove and the user interface must be friendly on all counts or you stand to lose potential customers.

Copywriting or content creators have also seen a large rise in recent years – writing has become one of the top career paths for remote workers which is in line with current trends of the Millennial travel nomad lifestyle. More and more businesses are beginning to see the benefits of a good writeup as compared to a writeup they did themselves or got a second rate writer to do for them. A professional content creator is capable of capturing the essence of what you want to say concisely, and they can do so in a manner that attracts the demographics of your choice. 

Ecommerce also work well with social media influencers — through ambassadorships or simple promotion, social media influencers are the new celebrities. Before the rise of digital, companies often used popular actors, professional athletes and the likes to promote their products. While that tactic is still being employed, it is slowly losing its effectiveness as consumers understand that celebrities are being paid top dollar to advertise for their endorsements.

On the other hand, social media influencers, while paid, often disclose what is product placement or paid ad and what is not. This makes them a lot more trustworthy and influential. Furthermore, influencers often market themselves genuinely which adds to their credibility and relatability, and it, in turn, make them more effective marketers than salespeople or celebrities.

Ecommerce has also given opportunities for entrepreneurs to be creative with their ideas. In China, there is a locker system that is more of an automated storage system that ties in with eCommerce. How? The parcels that you ordered from Taobao can be sent directly to the locker of your choice and this can be set with the help of an app. This means that during the day, even though you are otherwise engaged at work, you can receive your parcel remotely by hiring a locker near your house and having them deliver it to the locker. They will be able to access it via a unique link that you send them.

You can even order groceries or get your laundry done in the same way – put your dirty hamper in the mornings before you head out to work and come home to a bag of freshly laundered clothes. These innovations could not have happened without eCommerce. 

While there are those who insist that stores are the future of commerce (simply based off research that Millennials and Generation Z prefer physical stores), it is not hard to see that eCommerce has created new business opportunities for those who dare to break free from conventional careers and have chosen instead to wander online and see what the virtual world has in store for them. There will most likely be more changes in the upcoming years such as VR shopping and the like and that too will open up more doors for fresh graduates to fill.


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