Eating the rainbow – The importance of maintaining a healthy diet


Health should always be one of the top priorities. It might sound obvious, but it is also one of the things that we tend to take most advantage of in life. Most people go about their daily lives, not truly aware of the blessing it is to be healthy. There is a lot to be said about understanding the blessing it is to be healthy, and it is another thing to understand the importance and the ways to keep oneself healthy. Today, there is a whole marketplace built around health. From setting up market stalls and selling healthy cookbooks in bookstores, to creating an official website and taking a health concept global, the market for health has never been as widespread or as popular as it is now. People want to invest in their health more than they ever have before, and one of the easiest and most efficient ways to do that very thing is to gain control of one’s diet and maintain a healthy dietary outlook and action plan. It can seem difficult to begin with, but once a healthy diet is figured out, it becomes easier and easier to maintain until it becomes second nature.

When we talk about health, we there are separate discussions around physical health and mental health, but research and numerous studies suggest that the two go hand in hand. Someone that is in their peak physical condition may be struggling mentally, and this creates an imbalance in whole health just as refusing to exercise and eating terribly would. When we do not feel our best physically, we are at a greater risk of developing mental anguish, and this has an obviously negative effect on the body. And keeping our bodies physically healthy means fuelling our bodies with the right things, and not the foods and drinks that contain processed sugars, fats, and unnecessary artificial additives. It may sound obvious, but maintaining a healthy diet starts with actually going out and buying the right foods.

Where you do your grocery shopping, it is easy to get caught up in the unhealthy added products, particularly if you buy food a few times a week. Not everyone does one big grocery shop once a week or even once a fortnight – some people are too busy or unorganised to dedicate that large a chunk of time to something as seemingly mundane as grocery shopping. When you go to do your grocery shop, there is a tactic that is called “the outer ring” method. Essentially, focus your shop on the outer rings of the grocery store. It may sounds strange, but the reason for this is quite simple when you get down to it: natural, healthy, fresh, and unprocessed foods tend to be stocked in the outer rings of the grocery store, whereas the unhealthy, processed products are stocked in the inner circles. Using this method for your grocery store also inevitably results in less time spent doing the grocery shop, which is never a bad thing and frees up more time to do things that you genuinely enjoy.

The benefits of healthy eating do not stop at simply eating well to feel well. Weight loss, for example, is heavily studied and attributed to an individual’s diet. Eating a healthy, balanced diet enables us to feed our brains more energy which is then turned into action, ideas, and constant motion. Healthy habits are not always easy to initiate, but they are relatively easy to turn into lifestyle choices once you get used to how they work and what incorporating them into your daily life can offer you. A healthy life is something that everyone should aspire to, and it can become easy if we just let it be. Committing to and incorporating healthy habits into one’s lifestyle is honestly one of the most effective, long-lasting ways to elevate personal health and fitness levels.

Of all the efforts in maintaining one’s health, a balanced diet is arguably the most beneficial of them all. What we fuel our bodies with has more of an impact on our whole health than we perhaps realise, and it is important to take hold of one’s diet and use it to better our quality and overall enjoyment of life. There is a lot to be said of healthy consumption and the quality it adds to not only our bodies, but our whole lives. When we eat the rainbow – and beyond – we put the kinds of foods into our bodies that consist of all the good stuff our bodies need to stay healthy and perform at their peak. Maintaining a healthy diet has always been important, and it is about time that we learned and acted with what keeps us performing at our best. We only have one body – we should take care of it as best we can.

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