Drink driving laws around the world called into question as death tolls skyrocket


In the world of automotives, it is safe to say that there is a lot of ongoing action. With automotive models coming out of the woodwork every other day, and automotive accidents and even fatalities being increasingly common these days, it is not at all surprising to realise that the laws surrounding automotive incidents are being given a facelift. All over the world, there is an ongoing epidemic with traffic accidents causing injury or fatality. In the USA alone, for example, deaths of the roads topped out over 40,000 for the second consecutive year in 2018. Every day, at least twenty-eight people lose their lives on US roads. And this is just the statistics of one country. This is an epidemic that spans the globe, and it is one that is becoming increasingly prevalent. Deaths on the road are becoming more common all the time, and so it is becoming more important than ever for drivers to be aware of the road rules and the laws surrounding their activities while in a moving vehicle. Still, even with such preparations, an automotive accident can – and does – happen to anyone.

The death toll on the roads around the world is continuing a harrowing trend of rising with each consecutive year. And at the centre of many of those fatal accidents is alcohol. Despite decades of progress globally, drink driving is still the single greatest cause of automotive deaths, even exceeding distracted driving and driving under the influence of drugs. People constantly underestimate the power of the alcohol they drink, and many of them find themselves in the position of causing accidents due to their lack of personal accountability. Our refusal to take accountability for, or our lack of awareness, surrounding the effects that alcohol can have on our cognitive functions and general awareness is something that can have significant impact on our lives in multiple aspects. On the roads, it can cause injuries (sometimes quite serious injuries), or even loss of life, as well as property and societal damage. Regardless of the severity of the accident in question, there are laws that must be followed when an automotive accident caused by drink driving does occur.

The laws surrounding drink driving can be so up in the air in some countries, that the sentences vary drastically, to the point that it is virtually impossible in some cases to actually decipher if the accused party was actually guilty of the auto traffic offence in the first place. However, what is becoming more and more obvious in recent years is the reality that drink driving laws are fast becoming more tightly-bound. And it is about high time that this happened, as well. Every time there is a loss of life that results from a person driving under the influence of alcohol, there is the realisation that it is because of this person’s refusal to avoid getting behind the wheel after drinking, that somebody has lost their life. Fatality is never something to be taken lightly, but when it is the direct result of another person’s selfish actions, there is an even stronger call for action.

Facing the law after causing an auto accident is a draining process. Not only does the responsible party must contend with their own feelings of guilt and remorse, but they are made to go in front of the courts and the victims’ families and friends to answer for their crimes. Consciously intentional or not after the fact, the action to get in the driver’s seat and drive is a conscious one, and this is what the legal courts go back to time and again when dealing with drunk drivers. When one is the cause of an automotive accident, it is part of the process to call in a professional automobile attorney to help them handle the upcoming legalities of the accident in question, but after that there is little that can be done save for taking responsibility and letting one’s lawyer do the talking in the courtroom. The demand for accountability in the eyes of the law and the victim’s loved ones is something that is becoming stronger and stronger the more common this is an occurrence, and there is no end to this call in sight – nor should there be, realistically.

Around the world, the number one cause of traffic accidents and consequential injury or fatality is drink driving. This is an issue that is consistently playing out in the media following the fact, and it is a constant source of pain and legal trouble in the event of automotive incidents. When a traffic accident occurs, and the guilty party is found to be under the influence of alcohol, there is a drawn-out, time-consuming legal process that follows to determine the legal punishment for the act. Drink driving remains the most serious and common cause of automotive accidents in the world, to the point where the statistics in recent years are beyond harrowing. The laws surrounding drink driving differ country to country, and circumstance to circumstance, but regardless of the punishment that ultimately plays out, one thing remains the same: drink driving is a global killer. And we must do more to pave the way for a safer, more sustainable future on our roads.

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