Digital technology disrupting the student experience


When it comes to the modern education experience, students are more independent than they have ever been before. It is entirely likely that at least some of this is due to the technological advancements and certain digitalisation that they have grown up surrounded by. These modern digital innovations are designed to make life easier, and to say they have done their job would be putting it mildly. Emboldened by the security blanket of having instant communication, password protection, and location management, students (and everyone growing up in this age, for that matter) are more supported than ever before. But more than this, the modern student is busy, having to carefully balance their time between excelling in their studies, maintaining a job, and having enough time left over to invest time in their loved ones and their personal lives. In short, the modern student wants it all and, more to the point, in a world this expensive and progressive, they need it all.

The modern student is busier than ever, often juggling their studies with trying to earn an income, take care of their health, and spend time with both themselves and their loved ones. Life in general is getting more expensive by the second, and students are learning this very early on – this is particularly true for those students who move away from home to study higher education qualifications at their chosen school. With so much happening at the one time, it is little wonder that students today are more under the pump than ever before. While the workload is harder, and life is busier and more expensive by the day, the education industry is becoming more inspiring, as new degrees are brought into the mix in the wake of technological advancements and rapid digitalisation on a whole new scale. The modern world is practically awash in it all, and the innovations are only coming on faster and faster.

Students today are given a world of academic opportunities that were not available twenty years ago. The rapid advancement of technologies and digitalisation has led to the introduction of some of the world’s most exciting academic certifications there is. Whether it be nurturing an expertise in machine learning, studying IT management, or working towards new scientific branches (or any other number of degrees, for that matter), students are finding themselves in a world of pure imagination that is driven by technological innovation. Of course, many of the degrees that have been around for years still are, and likely always will be, but as the introduction of some of these new tech degrees is put into play, some certifications are driven out of the education systems around the world, no longer necessary or relevant to the workforce that people are set to enter.

The digital transformation that has hit the education sector on a global scale is one that has already had significant impact. Students today are more technologically capable (even reliant, you could say), and they are excited to be part of a generation that is gearing up to take on a new workforce. This new workforce is going to be assisted largely by technological capabilities, digitalisation, and even machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) as time goes on. The students that are making their way through the education systems around the world today (and future generations, for that matter) are going to be the very same individuals who serve as the pioneers of this new era in the worldwide workforce. While students today are busier than ever, they are also more capable than ever, ready to take on the challenge and contribute to the world in meaningful, exciting new ways. And really, is that not what educating our youth is all about? We want to encourage the progression into this new world, and students being excited to nourish that progression is a genuine blessing.

The modern student lives in a world where there is more technological advancement and certain and rapid digitalisation than there has ever been before. In fact, growing up surrounded by it all has led to students today feeling more emboldened than ever before. More to the point, however, the average student in this modern age is busier than ever, desperately trying to juggle their studies, their job, their time with themselves and their loved ones, and their personal lives. The world that we live in now is more progressive than ever, but it is also more expensive. Students today have been born into a time where their education is just as important, if not more so, than it ever was. And they are also realising that their education is just one of the many facets they are constantly juggling and keeping in active function. The experience of the average modern student is one that is chaotic, exciting, time-consuming, and brilliant all at once. And so, here we are.


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