Cybersecurity measures grow heading further into digital era


We live in the beginning of the digital era. We live in a world that is quite literally immersed in and surrounded by rapid digitalisation and technological advancement. There are forms of technology all around us, all one has to do is look around them in any direction and they present themselves, both obviously and subtly, depending on the technology in question.

We have created this world for what it is; we are the masters of our modern world, quite literally. And while every technological accomplishment is powerful in itself, there are some that have made an incredible impact on an ongoing level, even proving themselves to be life-changing.

The introduction and ongoing advancement of the worldwide web is one of them. The internet burst onto the scene years ago now, and ever since the dawn of its inception, we have seen it bloom and flourish to become a more advanced iteration of its former self, with every new year (or every other day, for that matter).

With an innovation like the internet (or any form of successful technology), there are also concerns that grow as the technology further develops. Given that the internet is growing at such an incredible pace, and is accompanied by such an astronomical influx of online activity, it should come as no surprise that cybersecurity is becoming more and more powerful by the day.

There are countless online protective measures that people can engage with (and are encouraged to), and it seems that every other day there are more added to the pile that seek to protect us from the raging virtual war that threatens to use the precious data that is whirling around the virtual stratosphere that is the worldwide web, against us.

Cybersecurity measures are put in place to ensure that this is not only prevented, but that they can preserve the protection of all data entered online on an ongoing basis. The further we head into the digital era, the more important it becomes to protect ourselves on every level. While there can be no denying that the rise of technologies like the internet has changed the world in many positive ways, there is also the awareness that it has also made us more vulnerable.

Thankfully, cybersecurity is there to bridge the gap from all angles. If you want to browse the internet anonymously, you can acquire a VPN. If you want to protect your device from malware and other vicious online attacks (which you should), you can install anti-virus software onto your device. If you are concerned about hacking risks, then initiate secret questions, log in alerts, or even install a password encryption network (think 1Password, for instance).

Cybersecurity measures are not always obvious from the offset, but they are always working away to protect and preserve. All one has to do is make use of them – a feat that is highly encouraged in the digital era, where threat meets positive action at every turn. While it is practically impossible to entirely prevent online attacks from breaching devices altogether, it is hopeful and promising to know that cybersecurity measures are growing stronger every day.

The further that these innovations grow, the more likely it is that we are speeding towards an impenetrable online security measure that will likely (if not certainly) protect us at all costs from online threats. Of course, this kind of technological barrier is still far from being a reality, but every movement towards stronger online protection brings with it a promising movement towards making that pipe dream become a truth.

Living in the humble beginnings of the digital era has left us with a sense of complete and utter control of the world around us. we have literally created a world that is immersed in and surrounded by digitalisations and technological advancements, and we continue to invent and enhance them, as well as new technologies, every other day.

All these technological innovations (for the most part) have had profoundly positive impact on the world, and there are some that have a decidedly incredible and ongoing impact on the world. The internet is one of them. And, as with any technology, the internet has come with its challenges, one of which being the subsequent rise of online threats to cybersecurity.

The more information that we put online, the more at risk we become to these threats. So, cybersecurity measures are evolving every day to forge stronger protective walls around our online activity. It is an ongoing battle, as every time cybersecurity measures innovate, so too do the threats that seek to tear down their walls. One thing is certain, as we head further into the digital era: cybersecurity is continuously striving to protect us as much as possible, and will continue to do so.

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